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Shopping - It's one thing which keeps me alive!

I am a shopaholic by heart and just the word 'shopping' is enough to brighten my mood and stir up my whole being! I have shopped from almost half of the outlets known to mankind. While some experiences were disappointing, some were very enthralling and totally rejuvenating like my recent experience with! 

Online shopping has always been exciting for me. Sitting in the warm comfort of my bed and shopping through the window to the world has it's own charm and comfort. I love to experiment, especially when it comes to different brands and different shopping portals. was like a new flavor of icing cake for me which I explored, savored and will remember the sweet taste of it and recommend it to everyone throughout my life!

What is by the way?:
Majority of us are already acquainted to this amazing website, but for those who are not:

'Quikr' as its tagline 'No fikar, Bech quikr' itself suggests, is an online portal which acts as the perfect match maker of a buyer and a seller, allowing them to trade goods between each other Quikr-ly!

What can you buy/sell?:
Anything! Yup... Anything! 

You can sell property, electronics, automobiles, furniture and everything which has a value! Let alone that, you can also find a perfect match for yourself from their matrimonial section or a roommate to share your flat with! Isn't that simply amazing! :D

My experience with
When I was selected by Blogadda for the #ShopQuikr activity, I was beyond happy! Very eager to try out this website which I had never shopped through before, I quickly opened it and started my enthralling journey of shopping through Quikr.

It was a sea of choice!

I was in a total dilemma and couldn't understand what to buy. Than I started with what I want and the option 'microwave oven' popped up in my mind.

That's when I started browsing through the Home and appliances category of Quikr.

There were some good, budget friendly options for brand new ovens but the fates had something other in mind! The majority of the sellers I emailed and called said the product was already 'sold out' and the others weren't willing to negotiate their sky high prices. So small thing short - I was back to point one where I was again in a dilemma about what to buy!

Shopping is like my second soul so not long before, the dilemma subsided and the option which always makes ways popped up in my head and not long before, I was placing an order for three beautiful Anarkali apparels!

When I learnt that brand new fashionable clothes were also for sale on Quikr, I was like - "Oven vowen chodo, Anarkali kharido!" (Forget ovens and let's buy Anarkali dresses) :D

When it comes to clothing, Quikr offers you unlimited sellers to choose from and unlike other things, the majority of products the sellers are willing to sell are 'Brand New'. 

I responded to ten or so of the above apparel ads by different sellers and waited with bated breath. Not long before I had typed my last message, the good news dropped in my Inbox quoting "Quikr Reply - You have received a response..." and my amazing experience with Quikr began!

Quikr was fast, understanding and giving! It kept sending me alerts of available clothing options from time to time and kept impressing me with it's lovely referrals.

Screenshot of the ad through which I shopped on Quikr.
After an email conversation with the above seller, I began placing my order. She asked me my Wattsapp ID, I gave it to her and she started bestowing my tablet with pictures of beautiful Anarkali suits.

After one whole day of chatting, choosing and drooling over Anarkalis, I finally selected three suits and asked the wonderful lady from 'Soumya Fashions' to ship me the products.
Bank details and addresses were exchanged and before I knew it, a courier guy with a happiness package in his hands, knocked my door! :D
The entire shopping was simple, easy and fast. My family was super surprised that this 'moody' girl aka yours truly, managed to shop for products worth 5160/- so fast.

The above shown "bundle of joy" as i would like to call it reached me on the 30th. I was so full of joy and eager to feel the dresses which I had only seen visuals off in person. There were three dresses totalling to 5160/-. Each of them was more beautiful and prettier in reality.

Dress #1:
This was a steel at Rs 1600/-. It has lovely orange-yellow hues and is one of its kind.
 Dress #2:
This one was the costliest! At 2300, this beauty is simply stunning! Love the colour combo.

Dress #3:
Now here's my most favorite dress with an amazing price tag of 1460. It's beauty really stunned me.

The total amounted to something near to 5360 and my happiness knew no bounds when the sellers discounted the price to 5160/-! :D Yay!
What Quikr taught me:
1) Trust - Business is all about trust. If you don't trust people even if there's nothing fishy, you will never be able to complete a transaction! I trusted my seller and made the Bank payment, only then did she ship the products to me.
2) To be Quikr - If you are not quick enough, the product you want will be sold out to someone else!
3) To be smart - Trust yes, but not foolishness! If you are not smart enough you can be cheated.

This experience with Quikr has opened the gates of a new shopping world for me. Before this, I had no idea that even people who didn't own shops or firms could do business so easily.

Quikr: Buyer aur seller ka perfect match maker - Indeed!

Now that I have got acquainted to this website, I am planning to sell some of my own things which are in a sale-able condition and which I don't make use of much! I mean, who wouldn't want to? It's absolutely free!

To sum it all up, Quikr is a blessing which was born to make your lives easy, simple and rewarding! It's the perfect online portal where you can sell products for free, buy what you want without worrying about the extra shipping while you shop from sellers who stay just a few blocks away from you and a website which has more than buying or selling to it. Who knows, you can find your perfect match, the woman of your life, the man who you will be willing to tie the knot with, through Quikr too. It also helps you find new jobs, new friends, roommates, properties, pets and even carriers in modelling! :)

I myself was quite impressed with the unlimited choice Quikr offers, go check it out like NOW and I am sure you will be impressed too!

Their app is another impresser. After I downloaded it, I never felt the need for browsing their website through my laptop. It was effecient enough to browse from my cellphone and more 'Quikr' too!

Last but not the least, another thing which surprised me was Quikr's smartness. I never had to create an account. The first time I replied to an add, providing the seller with my email ID, Quikr was smart enough to create an account for me all by itself and now, whenever I browse through Quikr, I don't even have to login, Quikr recognizes my email ID through Gmail and I am already logged in! Pretty cool ain't it?!!! :D

What's more, apart from my wonderful shopping haul via Quikr, I have also made a wonderful new friend now. All thanks to Quikr! :)

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