The Big Billion Day at Flipkart


Shopping in all forms is fun but have you ever experienced that extra joy and feeling of victory when you pick up something great at a feasible price in a sale? Well, I have had that feeling tons of times! :D ....and majority of the times it has been Flipkart sales! #OhISoLoveThem! 

As you are already aware(If you are not than you don't live on Earth!) that this 0ctober 6th, i.e, tomorrow is the Big Billion day at Flipkart. It's famed to be the biggest and most amazing online sale history has ever noted. (Yup, let's see whether that's true...)

A little into the speciality of 6/10/2014:
According to a mail i received yesterday from the founders of Flipkart, Sachin and Binny themselves, the numbers on which the sale is being held, 610 hold a lot of importance as it was the flat number which experienced the birth of the biggest online shopping portal of India today ~ Flipkart which was back in 2007! 

So Flipkart is in a gala mood to celebrate their dream come true and help help customers to complete their shopping dreams too.

Tomorrow is Eid, I so wish this sale was not on the 6th (sob) but anyways, I am letting you all know so that you guys don't miss it! I am planning to buy a new laptop (:P) if there are good offers on them and LOADS of other things. My sisters are all going gaga over this VERY HYPED sale! When I say VERY HYPED, I really mean it because you won't believe how much Flipkart is promoting this sale! 

So will you be there on the big day? :D Oh my God! I am so exciteeeeeeeed!!!!! *does a happy dance* 

I think it's going to be a very happy happy Eid *dream mode*

So lovelies and Handsomes,
Wish you all a very happy Eid and happy happy shopping from The Big Billion day! :D

P.S: They are also holding many exciting contests like the 'The Flipkart App Lucky Draw', 'Make a wish', etc... Don't miss these! :)

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  1. Sounds interesting, ain't it?

    I am also looking forward for the day. :)
    Lets' see how much I am going to spend and how much I could buy with the offers.

  2. Now this post made me all excited about the sale :D

  3. m also waiting for the sale to kick off !!

  4. Nothing fascinating about it ,FLIPKART will do normal business like everyday but there will few lucky prizes to win for which everyone is excited.They are doing their business nothing else.
    LOL :)

  5. I bought something and paid...but did not get confirmation.

  6. I guess it was just a fool day. Didn't got a single deal which is better than other sites like snapdeal.

    1. I don't think so Samuel! If FK's sale was poor, Snapdeal's was WORST!

  7. I bought a phone in a good deal! *happy dance*

  8. The author of the post should be proud of himself.


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