A stranger


Your enticing eyes, captivated my soul,
My lips were yours, so was me in a whole.

Those sweet nothings we talked about,
Just a gaze was enough to make passion sprout.

The endless hours we spent together,
The rendezvouses which changed with weather.

The lovely promises which kept me going,
With time our love just kept growing.

A sudden storm struck, breaking all those dreams,
What was left were silent screams.

All the vows and oaths were fake,
The only truth was a piercing heart break.

All the love went away with the wind,
My helpless heart was murdered and skinned.

You were an experience, a life changer,
Once you meant the world to me,
Now, you are a stranger...!


Author's Note: I am trying my best to publish quality content on this space. Please give me your precious feedback so that I can improve. :D

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  1. Your poetry skills are good.. bring out what you want to, clearly. Even the words chosen are perfect.

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  2. I think we all have met that someone who was a life changer and a lesson!
    A relatable post, Bushra :)

  3. Beautifully written Bushra.. Loved it.. :)

  4. Beautifully penned and sentimental too. Keep it up Bushra.

  5. What a wonderful poem! Loved reading it. So true how someone changes your life and then becomes a total stranger!

  6. A sudden storm struck, breaking all those dreams,
    What was left were silent screams.
    Nice words

  7. Moving poem, Bushra!
    Love came with lessons... Wonderfully expressed.

  8. Moving on and learning is the best thing one can do. Beautiful poem, love the ending.

  9. It's great that people run such blogs. I am happy to read them. Dentist near me


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