Battling the Past


They warned "Be strong or we will kill thee",
The tears kept flowing, consuming me,
I knew I had to move on, and I had to do it fast,
For if i wouldn't, I would forever become a slave of past.

They grabbed me with their lethal hands,
Caged my body but cage my mind they couldn't.
My soul was free and so were my dreams...

The darkness never ended but I found a way,
Deep down in my heart bore a blooming ray...

I ran, away from the darkness, away from the shadows,
They screamed and bled before me in anger,
I locked them up in my mind and threw the key far away,
Never was I going to let them return, no way, no way!

The shadows were my past, parts of my foolish prattle 
I overcame them... I moved on... and won the battle!

[Author's note: There are so many things which if given a chance we would like to erase from our pasts. Every person goes through this stage where he/she has to overcome the past and battle it inorder to move on... The ones who do move on, win the battle, and those who don't are enslaved by their own shadows forever...Learn from it but don't ponder over it. Leave the past in the past and get ready for your future!]

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  1. Speaking from experience, we cannot run away. Especially from our past. What we can do is, take it with us and adapt, improve and try to change ourselves from it.
    Nice poetry, the imagery runs very smooth.


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