I was born Black and White,
Brewed inside a young mind,
Fed with innocence and muse,
I had no disorders to bound me,
No cultures could chain me,
No ailments could stop me,
Sprouting colours, growing stronger,
I was born a child,
In a child.
They call me - a dream...!

Dreams... they are born young!

When I was a little girl, (with two ponies on each side of my head :P) I remember in a 'Moral science activity' class, a teacher had asked this question to the whole class:

"What do you want to become when you grow up?"

The answers had started pouring... Doctor,Engineer, teacher, actor.... While they poured in one by one, I had migrated into my own sweet world. The question had put me into a trance, it was like a spell... a spell which could show me a glimpse of my future...

"Bushra! Are you in this class? Your turn! Now tell us what you want to become when you grow up?" The teacher had brought me out of my reverie... she had broken the spell.

"Umm... I don't know Ma'am.." a nervous me had answered. "I want to be everything...err...i mean i want to be a poet, a teacher, an author, a doctor and everything else possible"
An answer as absurd as this had earned me some sniggers from some haters but that day I had seen something in my teacher. A glint which I had never seen in her eyes before.

Something which assured me that there was nothing wrong with me and my trail of dreams...

Today when I recall that fateful day, a smile curls up my face. Yes I wanted to become everything...haha..a complete all rounder! :D

My childhood was weird. At Least in the eyes of a stranger.

When I was given brush and colours, I would paint the world like an artist. Give me some training and I could dance like a choreographer, give me some me time and i was the shy bathroom singer, give me a good topic and I could become your favourite storyteller... to put it short, i tried to excel in pretty much everything...like an all rounder! :)

So what happened? Am I an artist? A teacher? An established Fashion designer? An author? Or anything I had dreamed ever dreamed? No... Not professionally, but deep down when I have to - yes! :)

There are many goals which I haven't still reached. To be truthful, 99% of my dreams are still dreams. But does that stop me from dreaming further? NO! Never! I dreamt, I am dreaming and I will dream until my last breath, because that's what keeps me going....just like oxygen!

As a child I saw dreams, so many that it was difficult for my young mind to store all of them and I would pen them down in my diary and that was how....blogging happened! :D

This was my story. The story of a girl who dreamed and learnt to live those dreams... what about you? Do share your dreams as a child! :)

Happy Children's day,
Never let the child in you die,

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  1. Damn....I was just like you...but never told my teacher about it. My answers varied everytime.
    I miss the moral science class. :P

  2. Ah, a Children's Day Special.

    Awesome post, as always. :)


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