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UPDATE 23/9/2015: In a recent forum update and from various news sources, I learned that this Fat Cat / Lucky 6 game was a fraud game by two criminals under law namely Natasha Malook and Sulim Malook. DO NOT install this app!
Luck - Have you ever pondered on what wonders this little word could do?!!

Since the time I was a little girl, I have enjoyed the games which my so called 'luck' had played with me. I have learnt that sometimes even the best of equipments and hard work are not enough to be successful in life...it's here that 'luck' strikes! It can make or break you...

Back in the 90s, when I had just started my schooling, I remember a new grocery shop had opened opposite a park which was situated close to my house. It was a very small shop run by an old couple but the things they sold attracted the younger age a lot. They used to sell junk food which fulfilled a kid's wildest fantasies.

I remember this one kind of chips they used to sell called 'Jadoo chips' that was my all time favourite! Apart from the sumptuous chips inside it, which didn't interest me inspite of their goodness, this packet of chips would come with a secret gift inside. Yes...that was what interested me and all my friends alike!

Sometimes the gift would be a toy, sometimes a big chocolate or if you were really lucky, sometimes it would be a ten rupees note! :D Those chips were that shops hot selling products, thanks to a town full of curious little kids who did everything and anything to get hold of bucks to buy those chips! It all depended on your luck...

Than one day, to increase our sorry state, the couple started selling something else... something which gave birth to new rays of hope... lottery tickets!!!

I for once was never a winner, luck seldom knocked my door but one day it happened and when it did, it was an out of the world feeling!!!!

The Friday ticket results came out and when we went to check, I was informed that I had won 250/- Rs... yes not two fifty lacs but rupees....but did anyone care what the amount was? Well, I didn't! :D I remember I had roamed around the whole town with my crazily happy friends celebrating m little moment and spreading the word of my victory far and wide.... :D

That day I developed a strange liking towards lotteries and the so called word 'luck'!

Gone with the wind are those joy filled days but am I complaining? Not at all! At Least not since Fat Cat launched their totally amazing gaming app called 'Lucky 6' ! :D

I am humbly honoured to have been part of this amazing game and among the first ones to play and review it...yes, it's not available for all yet! *Be jealous* :P :D

What it is:
It's a game. A newly launched game which can be downloaded in your Andrioid or iOS based phones! It's like the digital version of a lottery ticket with a unique and very intriguing concept!

How it's played:
True to its name, this game has an innovative lottery style.
Stocks... That's what all it's about! The success of your game depends on your selected brand's gains for the day!

The prizes they offer are totally amazing!

It's very simple. First you download this amazing app. Once you download and run it, the below screen appears:
Then you will have to sign up by providing your email ID and a valid password, and once you verify your email ID, this screen pops up>>
The passcode is confidential and the only thing that prevents others from deceitfully playing as you hence you'll have to enter it every time your phone sleeps and you're not using it!

There are two games in the main screen. Ones lucky six and the other is the 'Quizapp' . The second one says it's still in the making so we''ll have to wait a little more days to start playing it!
On tapping the 'Lucky 6' game, a page with various brand names pops up. Now all you have to do is select six of these brands and submit your lottery ticket! When you click on each brand, they provide you with information which is very helpful in helping you choose your brands wisely! You can submit three tickets per day. The results can be checked in the icon at top right hand side called 'my tickets'. The highest I have scored is 433 points. :D
They allow you to submit three tickets a day after which a a waiting time of 24 hours is displayed.
The above picture is a screenshot of my dashboard. You can see that everything from your profile, your tickets and directions to play can be accessed from here!

I totally loved playing this totally different game. It will no doubt revolutionize the gaming world and give back humans the old world charm of lottery tickets and trying their luck! :D

What you can win:
The prizes are endless! You can win cash prizes, gifts and if you are really lucky, even free travel tickets too! :D I am very eager to keep playing this game and try my luck!!!

Lotsa Love,

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