My laptop story ~ Stick figure isshtyle!


Yup! I am soon going to be back to Mac, and this time it's gonna be an Air!

If you were wondering, why i took the pain Joy of presenting my story in 'Stick figure isshtyle' rather than just penning it down in a boring way, let me tell you that your's truly is reading a lot of 'The Vigil Idiot' these days hence the sudden change. The drawings contain more writing than needed *me thinks* but koina! Next time, it's gonna be more of stickys *Pinky promise!*


P.S: Wanna check out the pic of the glossy lappy I talked about above? Go idhar>> Instagram N ZOMG! I just realized I have tagged it as #LG instead of #HP hehe! :P 

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  1. [ Laughs ] A Mac is less headache.

    By the way, Microsoft have skipped Windows 9 and they are currently testing Windows 10; which is in the beta stage of course.

    1. Wonder what dumbutchery they have planned now! I would rather degrade to Windows 7 than update to any of their newer versions!

  2. Chalo, all's well that ends well.
    Creatively presented, Bushra :)
    The sadness is out & may you have reasons to be happy :)

  3. I too hate windows 8. I tried to go for windows 7 but that is also not possible now.....
    Final decision seems good to go for mac air. But its not good for developers :)
    Nice art work Ms.Bushra :)

  4. LOLWA ! Love the hair on the sticky figures also I HATE windows 8 too ! *Hi5*

  5. Have to use Win 8 in office, not a fan but don't hate it either. It takes time to get used to it. Also, heard 8.1 had more issues than 8.

    Mac would be great btw!!

    PS: Nice storytelling.

  6. Beautiful! One question- How do you do it? Appreciate the name of the tool. As I found my method very sappy n time consuming.

    1. Thanks :) Apps don't work for me too Ekta! :( I used MS Paint for this! :)


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