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At some point of life all of us breakdown. Everything in the world looks like a terrible dragon ready to swap your neck...

What do you do in such situations? Pray, fight, pray and fight or simply run away from it like a coward?

'Fear' is human nature but 'cowardice' is a layman's delusional shield. 

You might have heard of the king who ran away from his clan at the time of war fearing death and took shelter in a cave. 

It was a spider. Yes, a creature as tiny as a spider changed the king's life! He who said God created every creature for a reason was right indeed.

Long story short, the spider's strong will power and the never ending urge to keep trying, taught the king that no matter what, one should keep trying and never loose hope.

"Why me?" ~ It's very easy to say this, but what one doesn't know that it could have been something graver than that!

Never say those words. They fail you even before you start your struggle.

In situations where the whole world turns upon you, breath deeply, PRAY, and PREPARE yourself. Face it. Fight it. Live it out!

Now Smile :)


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  1. Inspiring post Bushra . .Happy to be here after long . My thoughts are also travelling through almost similar paths these days :)

  2. A post close to my heart!

  3. Close to my heart!

  4. Praying to the Almighty is the best way to deal with situations like these. And it is these situations that we do get closer to Him. Prayer is the best medicine.


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