Dream home with Porcelanosa ~ A trip to Heaven!


"Home is where the heart is" We have all grown up believing this statement. I love my house and no matter where on Earth I am, I miss it as that's where my heart truly resides...

It's November, the season where a home plays a very significant role. What with the chill starting to freeze your senses, all you want to do is sip on hot tea and cuddle up in your warm furniture watching a nice Bollywood film! :)

Porcelanosa, brings to you the opportunity to recreate magic and renovate our beautiful home.

Here are some breath taking products from Porcelanosa which truly took my breath away. I would love to include these in my home and make it a small heaven on Earth! :)

The Kitchen:

Food - I am person who #LivesToEat :P I love cooking and I believe that the beauty of a house starts from a kitchen. Kitchen is a place were a foodies entire world revolves hence it's important that you ensure you have a perfect on! 
G490 Blanco Mate
The above amazing kitchen furniture is my idea of a beautiful, complete, out of the world kitchen!
That fine granite... The woody drawers, the nude-white look, the shady walls....the above kitchen furniture is simply perfection! Beauty at its best!

I believe that the right taps are very essential to give your home the much required, sophisticated look! A beautiful home can never have ordinary taps. 

I am a personal fan of innovative taps. I love how the water changes textures in different kinds of taps. The bubbles one is my favorite!

Monomando Loop
See how the above tap simply adds to the beauty of the marbled shelf? It's simply amazing! The hook shape is very convenient for a kitchen. It's a sizzling silver beauty!

The Living Room:
Curve Roble Blanco Cal
I love the above living room! It simply adds to the beauty of the already beautiful walls of the house. They chairs are chic and comfortable and the table is simply convenient!

Wash basins:
A very very essential part of a home: Wash basins! 
Omg! Omg! Just look at it! Drooooooooooooooooling! ^_^ I simply simply simply LOVE it! It's the shape of an egg... it's like you get to wash your hands in wash basin from heaven! 

I am a bathroom singer and a shower is my needy asset. 
The above shower is LED one...and oh my God! I declare to the world that I am truly, deeply and madly in love with the above shower! ^_^ Just look at how wonderful the shower attached to the ceiling is. I love rain and I think this shower is never going to let me miss rain! :) Simply posh and superb!!!

Bath Tubs:
I would really like to own one! I have longed for bath tubs since my Harry Potter days!
A bath tub like that, will make you want to never leave the bathroom for sure! Simply love it's boat shape amazing setup!

So, did you like the above products? Isn't it like taking a trip to heaven?!! This is just a tiny glimpse! You can see the full picture here>> http://www.24kliving.com/

This is a post for Indi Happy Hours Campaign.
Images from Porcelanosa.

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  1. Makes me want write for my dream home and dream about it too :P Getting a good place is on a high priority for me anyways!!!

    Nice post :)


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