The journey from Blogspot to dot com ♥


Three *Drum Rolls* before we start! :D

Yes! You read it right! Now my blog is officially '' instead of the old '' ! *Happy happy wala dance*

Come this December, my blog will celebrate it's second anniversary...

You know actually, let me be simply honest here! I, for once had never dreamed that I would get attached to something so closely in my life.

A couple of years back, I didn't even know the meaning of the word 'Blogging', it was as alien to me as Kannada is to North Indians!

Actually, here, I need to thank my mistakes. If it wasn't for them, I would have never entered this beautiful world! :) They were so right when they said everything happens for a reason!

How I started my blog:
I have already discussed this here a couple of times but just for the sake of this wonderful moment, allow me to take you down my memory lane once more! :)

It was one hope filled day when I was busy doing an assignment of my Fashion designing course with all the concentration in the world when suddenly my sisters started hooting happily discussing something. At first I wasn't interested and mentally asked them to stop disturbing me but then the word 'Contest' caught my attention! Yes! They were discussing a new contest on Indiblogger :D

So it happened that I went and asked them what they were all hooting about and suddenly my sister started to explain the whole thing to me, inspiring me...  and the rest as they say is history! :D

Some Confessions:
Inspite of being a computer student, I was very alien to this virtual world! The first time I participated in a contest, I didn't even know how to submit my entry. Thanks to my lovely, awesome and totally amazing sisters who have supported me and loved me all along, I and my blog are what we are today! Not much I know, but a little is also too much joy for me :)

The Journey:
It wasn't as hard as I thought you know! :) I am an ardent learner and I started to grasp everything I was taught and the creativity which had been bundled up since a long time started coming out of its cocoon.

The first contest I won was the one from Dove. It was just a salon voucher (which I didn't even use) but oh! Let me tell you! THAT feeling of winning for the first time.... It was something TOTALLY out of this world! I remember I couldn't smile enough and by the time night fell, my whole face was paining with all the excessive smiling business! :D

Then there was no stopping...

The Love:
If you hop back to some of my old posts, you'll find majority of them with 50 plus comments. You all were so loving and encouraging when my blog needed it the most! : ' )

The first comment I received on my blog( I still cherish it) was by Jay, a wonderful blogger who has unfortunately stopped blogging now. That comment oh!!!! Did I tell you how much my jaws pained again for a whole day? :D

The first award... It was from Ajay Kontham. Yes, I remember ALL the moments of my blog :D Who won't when they are SO magical! So Ajay awarded my blog with the "Creative Blogger" award and that joy lasted for a whole week mind you! :D

My first sponsored post... well, when you get paid for what you do.. it really really makes your day! :D My first sponsored post was for DesiDime. The price they paid was not much at all but the joy! Oh the damn damn joy! :D

Really miss those first moments... :)

Then one incident that changed every damn thing for me.... My WeChat India win!! My family and me were freaking happy! :D I loved to see that proud glint in my Mum's eyes... still cherish it! :')

Thank you: 
Now last but the most important.... Thank you! :)

Those wonderful readers who read my blog and whatever nonsense I pen down here, the ones whom I know and all the other khufia readers(you know I am talking to you! ;)), thank you so much for making this blog successful and most importantly, thank you so much for being a part of my little world :D

It would NEVER have been possible without the support of you guys! ^_^

Now, go ahead and enjoy the new domain! :D

Lotsa Love,
~The humble author of this blog

P.S: There's a BIG giveaway coming your way this December so gear up! :D

P.P.S: Sorry for the never ending revised use of sketches. I am quite a lazy bum you know! :P Will make new sketches for next posts *pinky promise* ^_^

P.P.P.S: You can feed a hungry child for a year you know! Check this>> :)

P.P.P.P.S: A special thanks to Cyberkid for helping me with the redirection! :D

P.P.P.P.P.S: Sorry for the unlimited P.Sss! :D \m/

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  1. Such a sweet post, Bushra!
    Yes, the first times & memories are special :)
    Congrats for your own Domain!
    Looking for the December giveaway, Ms.Santa!

    1. Indeed dear! :D
      Thankooo O_o
      Haha... :D

    2. Congrats for getting your own domain :) and thank you for leaving comment on my post.
      I am back to blogging after a long gap. Hope to catch up soon in my second innings.
      Keep reading 😊

    3. :D Thanks and yeah sure! ;)

  2. Happy second anniversary, in advance.

    And the domain migration is awesome. And also thanks for the mention. You do deserve a lot more awards, even after what you said on Twitter.

    Take Care. Keep writing. :)

  3. Wow congrats Bush! You are really a talented and sweet girl. Good luck <3

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Congrats on your domain switch, keep going?

  6. Congrats Bushra for one more giant leap from a blog to your own domain.

  7. Good work Bush and many many congrats....jeeyo mere laal

  8. Congrats Bushra .... cheers to many more achievements on the way for you :)

  9. Such lovely journey .congrats for the .com :)

  10. I think you should explore the Articles on your website, You should Also cover different categories for different Articles as you writes awesome.


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