The story behind my non-existent surname!


People who are not alien to my Facebook and Instagram profiles are well aware that there, my profile name is 'BushraZeba' instead of just 'Bushra', the actual me!

There have been tons of annoying cases when people have mistook 'Zeba' for my real name. No, it's NOT my real name!

Then why did I add it you ask? Leh! Here's the lame yet real reason>>

It's because 'dear Facebook' and 'dearest Instagram' do not allow you to enter them you give them your full name which MUST include a surname *sucks eh?!*

It was not like I didn't have a surname, *read 'M' 's my surname* but turns out they wanted more than a single 'M' and I couldn't help including a random name which happened to be *Zeba* and sneak into FB and Insty!

P.S: A little into why I don't have a constructive surname:
Well, it's all the fault of the humble yours truly here! Back when I was a girl i had a surname called 'Banu' but here *the evil little me* thought the surname was not that goody good so I , yup I changed it myself into God knows what *yeah dun remember!* and then some time later I changed that one too, and the story went on until the lucky 'M' got an entry into my SSLC marks card and then I had to tag along with 'M' for 'ID proof' reasons my entire life! :D

Got it? Now Chamma! Chamma!

BTW: Now I have changed my Facebook name to "Bushra Bling Sparkle" and hell! Some of my friends have started referring to me as 'Bling' ! Gaaah! Not that I don't like that nickname, but isn't the fact that I am trying to promote my new blog pretty obvious here? No? eh, well, let me just assume it is! >_<

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  1. Hehe. One of my friends who does not have a surname has kept it as Bhulegachi (that means I have forgotten) to get an account on Facebook. :D

  2. Ha ha ha :D .. Lemme get it straight - Bushra Zeba is it? ;)..

    I kid of course.. ;).. It is pretty annoying that we must have a second name and family name and what not to fill out a simple form :D

  3. Haha :D My mom faces a similar problem - she's Tamil and uses the first letter of her father's name as the initial before her "one & only name". But in most official documents as well as to sign up anywhere online, she has to expand on that initial. Not only that, sometimes she uses her "one & only name" as her first name and the expanded initial as her second name, and sometimes the other way around. And when asked to give her name when someone official is verifying details, she forgets which is which :D Anyway, sucks that we can't just pick what form of name we want to give on these sites!

    1. OMG! That's exact case with my Mum too! Hehe... that was one of the reasons why hear Passport got delayed, she had a different surname in each of her ID proofs :P Hehe...yup, sucks big time!

  4. Okay. This still leaves me confused. You are just Bushra or Bushra "something which isn't zeba or bling sparkle" :P ?

    1. Bushra M...that's my name! :) Bling sparkle and all is just for promotion... :)

    2. #SillyBilly question! :D Why would I tell you? Haha! It stands for Mohammad! I wanted to include our Nabi(saw) in my name so I changed my name myself! :P But no one calls me that you know...It's a secret ;)


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