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Meet Babli, a small girl who is as buoyant and lively as her name itself suggests. Her father is a farmer in a small village of Bihar. I am very eager to introduce you wonderful readers to her!

Babli's story...


I was born to my father in the season of mangoes. I was his third female child. I had two brothers and two sisters, all elder to me. As a child, being born in a village didn't effect me much but as the days went by, I realized how difficult life in a village was for a girl.

My father was a farmer with a small farm located a mile away from our home. It was not much but as we were still kids, it was enough.

My home which was made of mud consisted of two rooms with tin roofs and a huge open verandah. The right corner of the house, with mud-made stoves served as the kitchen and the left corner served as a small shed for Tabli, our cow, Molu, our goat and half a dozen hens.

Yes, we did not have a bathroom. I didn't even know what one looked like! Than what did the family do to free ourselves from the nature's call? Well, the farms and other isolated areas of the village came to the rescue!

It was a routine. Every morning, before the sun would rise fully, me and my siblings along with a couple of neighboring kids would start towards the farms with a jug/bucket full of water swaying along us. Each of us would sneak behind the beautiful plants of wheat, barley or sugarcane, whatever was in season, and defecate our hearts out.

As I time grew, so did my dislike for this act of defecation. I was growing into a girl and defecating like that in the open was a very disturbing thing for me.

I and my now grown up sisters tried talking father into building a toilet for our house but his limited funds would always come in the way.

When my eldest sister got married, now that she was a daughter-in-law, i thought the situation would change for her but to my disappointment, it only increased!

Married women, to protect their and their so called In law's dignity, had to get up more early in the morning, when it was still pitch dark and walk to the furthest of farms if they wanted to defecate. If the sun rose before they defecated, the insults were endless...

I never wanted this to happen with me so one day I went and did the only thing possible - I prayed to God!

At first I prayed I would never get married, then realizing i would still grow into a woman, I prayed I would always remain a child.... which I again change when I realized how stupid a wish that was! That was never going to happen...

It has been ten years since my birth now and I am already growing into a teenage girl. I have stopped going to openly defecate along with my brothers and their boy friends, instead, i go alone, as far away as I can...

Did I tell you i had a brother younger to me? Yes, but unfortunately, he died of a heinous case of food poisoning. The 'talia' was a stinking piece of land, a little far away from the inhabitants of our village. It was the place which was famous for 'open defecation' for villagers and thanks to science, it was the most fertile and flowering piece of land too! My brother had eaten a sugarcane which grew in the 'talia' by mistake and had been a victim of food poisoning since then, until one day,,. he died.

Many children and elders all alike, die due to food poisoning and other diseases caused due to unhygienic conditions every year in my village.

'Open defecation' is the main culprit behind it. If there could be a solution to it, I would be the happiest girl on earth!

That been said, looks like my prayers have been answered! With the new, totally amazing, initiative by Domex to help build toilets in villages, i can see hope for me and my fellow friends.

Let's join our hands together for this campaign, and aim for a dignified and healthy life for women and men,

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

This post is for a campaign - Indi Happy Hours.

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  1. Sad story of India. And there are still people out there who think having a toilet in their houses will make them impure.


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