Travelogue ~ Bangalore to Lucknow: The Journey


Today, I am adding a very different tag which is out of the nature of this blog - travel! :)

 Thanks to my homeland, Lucknow which is ages away from the place i live, I have had the best moments of my life travelling there. This post is just a part of it, actually not even a part! The joy of experiencing the trip with ones own eyes...dissolving into your journey... and the whole soul of it can never be put into words!

So this journey happened close to a year back, during the wedding of my cousin. These weddings are really a thing you know, they bring the whole family together, no matter how far away they stay!

I love travelling by train, so does my family...well except for Dad. It's not like he doesn't like it but the fact that it's too time consuming keeps him away from it.

So, this time it was a holiday without Dad,(who planned to fly there close to the wedding).
There was this strange aura of freedom which you get when you are not guarded by an elder, but yes there was Mum, but she's all cool and not-so-strict with us so it was simply coooooool! :D

The best part of this journey was my nephew! He was nine months old then and travelling with us for the first time!!! :D

So, on a beautiful Bangalor-y Summer morning, the journey started!

I HATE travelling in AC trains! They KILL the joy of travelling. I opted for normal reservations because only thing which can keep me from going nuts on a three day journey is a window seat of the train.

This train was not a disappointment at all. It had that old charm and a good canteen and of course, lots of open windows!! :D
A few blocks away from the main railway station (Yeshwanthpur) where the train stopped for a while.

"Chalte huwe rukna nahi hai
Bas dekh rahi hun ye veeran raaste,
Ek Musafir hun in sunehri galiyon ki..."
A hazy click caused by the speed of the train
When the train finally gathered speed, I simply leaned by the window and let myself dissolve in the amazing realization that I was finally travelling after such a long time! (:
The whole journey was a sight cherish! So much greenery that by the time I got out, my eyes were all greeny and it was difficult to adapt any other colour!
The train stopped for a couple of hours here in this veeraan mohalla! (deserted area) Some of the men strolled out and enjoyed the whole beauty of this place. This place was filled with lovely mango trees and neem trees which those men enjoyed plucking and eating, much to my jealous stares!
 I LOVE it when the train crosses bridges, especially when river below is BIG! This one was not big but pretty enough to click. :) Thankfully, the train was slow here!
 As we neared Lucknow, the urban area started to come into view....and yes, like every time I looked at the people staring at our train with bored expressions and wondered for the hundredth time how they couldn't be all excited and hooting to see a train pass :P Hehe...maybe those lousies got to see too much of it already!
Another lovely sight....and let me tell you by the third day, I had seen enough greenery to last my entire life but still couldn't resist this sight...nature is simply irresistible you know! :)

...and finally! After what felt like an eternity of an amazing journey, we were at the so called humongous giant of a Lucknow station! :D
The magnificent Lucknow Railway station. It looks more beautiful with those fountains on! ^^
This station is simply spectacular, it was built during the British time and it has a very mystique aura to it. The journey had tired me and all i wanted now was a refreshing hot bath but this wonder of a monument stole a moment from me and made me want to click it! :)

One thing about cameras is that, they can fail you when you really need them! There were so many more moments when I wanted to click but the cells had died or i was just too lazy to 'on' the camera and do the proceedings.

That's all for now, I don't want to get you all bored you know! :D Haha! Okay, no food clicks, yup because it was already weird clicking images amongst strangers and I can't wait to eat the food as soon as it appears you know... not even for quick clicks! ;)

The journey back home was exciting too, except for the fact that I was ill(blame the people who put *buri nazar* on sweet little me on the wedding day) and VERY precious and favourite dupatta flew out of the train window! :'( :D But that story is for another day!!!

Lotsa love,

P.S: Do let me know if I should write more travel posts!
P.S.S: Lazy little me couldn't gather myself for watermarking the images so please don't misuse them!

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  1. You have quite an insight on the whole journey.

    Just one question though regarding ' sweet little me' and 'lazy little me' . Little seems to be common. :P

    P.S. Already copied the images and printing it with my name on it. Hope I get to make a fortune out of them. Wish me luck. :P

    1. Hehe :P *Self obsessed* you see :D
      Haha!! Lol! Yeah right... I hope you become a multi-millionaire ;) :D

  2. Lucknow's charbaagh station have largest no. of trains in India and It really looks in style of Nawabs . great Journey but I was expecting more pictures of Banglore

    1. Actually I am not much of clicker! Didn't even know I will publish this post. Will remember to take more next time! ;) :D

  3. Oh you should write more on travel.And I love train journeys too - they are so slow and airy and so much activity around,its just one of the most happening places to be at!

  4. Lovely dear!
    The Lucknow Station looks so grand!
    Nice journey :)

  5. Loved the way you have described and took us on a virtual train trip from blr to lucknow ... have never been to lucknow ...but the station looks spectacular

    1. You should travel you know. It's an amazing place! :D

  6. very nice post and pictures.........i like it.....

  7. A wonderful account of the journey...and the pictures signify the speed... :-)

  8. I loved my Bangalore to Lucknow journey through your lens Bushra. I think you should write about travel more often :)

  9. It is ages since I traveled in a train. I liked reading your experiences. :)

  10. nice experiences.... good... :)
    i have also my own experiences check it out

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