Ashqon ki Khatayen ~ Shayari


Ashqon ne yeh kaisi khata kardi,
Behne ki toh aaj intehaa kardi,

Ek raaz bhi na chupapaye ye bewafa aansun,
Girke palkon se aaj daastan-e-dil bayaan kardi..!!

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P.S: Four days to go for my Blog's second anniversary! :D Yayyyyiee!!

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  1. For a second I thought that was your photo and was about to ask why you were crying. Even though I saw the link, I am saying this. -_-

    Yaa!. Party in four days! Just tell where you are giving the party and I(we) will be there, for sure. :D

  2. Waah ! Waah ! Wonderful Shayari. It's nice to see that you are back at creative writing. :-)

  3. Irshaad irshaad...and HAPPY Birthday to your blog in advance... :-)

  4. wah wah...!!! I like your shayrana andaaz :)

  5. Bahut Badhiya shayari hai Bushra.

  6. Ashqon ka kaam hai behna,
    Unka har sitam hai sehna,

    Raaz to saari umr chupte/khulte rahenge,
    Dekho kahin kisi ke yaad me saari umr KFC khaati na rehna...


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