Battling Glossophobia ~ Rise above fear


Fear ~ It is a thing which has to be overcome always in order to succeed in life. When you fear something it is not possible that you excel in life without battling that fear and overcoming it. Different phobias haunt different people. When I was young I had a couple of them too out of which 'Glossophobia' was a major and it was a real challenge for me to overcome it.

Public speaking was like a living hell to me. Being put in the spot light in front strangers made me jittery and scared to the roots.

It has been an exhilarating journey yet a tiring one to be what I am today. I got the chance to be schooled in one of the best schools in the world... the one which developed my scared little wallflower self into a bold and challenging woman and helped me battle glossophobia!

When I was in my second and third standards I remember how shy I was. It was not that I did not have any potential, I did, but it was just that I was a wallflower and fame at that time was simply not for me. 

I had this strange phobia which kept me in the dark. Nervousness, stage fear, panic... all these were common inside me. I would suck at dancing and cultural activities were like a walking talking horror for me. 

I was not a failure but not a top rank scorer at the same time. Thing were always in the middle for me... until one day that is!!

When I was in my fifth standard, I started cultivating a linking towards reading and reading novels became a habit. Adventures of Tom Sawyer was the first novel I read :) 

As I kept reading, I started getting inspired and a need to make something out of my boring life became a necessity. That was when slowly I started battling my fear. 

I started working on my studies, started participating in cultural activities and much to the dismay of some of my fellow classmates, I started winning... 

Things changed but the stage fear still didn't budge. I was a nervous wreck when put forth before an audience and one look at them would make me close to fainting on the spot.

My teacher noticed this and decided to kill me... err.. I mean she was close to meaning that! On one of the teacher's day, when the whole auditorium was filled with junior familiar faces and adult strangers, this teacher of mine called me on the stage and asked me to replace a student who was the narrator in a drama because she had got a sudden throat pain and had gone voiceless. My panic was beyond compare. The shivering started even before i held the mike. This was the most tortures moment in my life. I remember mentally making a note to crucify that teacher when this mess was over. 

Oh no! I am going to make a fool of myself! Saying that I was close to tears.
My heart raced up and down like a maniac. I wouldn't have been surprised if my heart burst out right there.
There was a long piercing silence only disturbed by a hundred glares sent at my direction by different teachers sign languishing me to speak up and students sniggering.  

It was a battle I had to fight... there were two options:

1)Either I speak up, mess it all up and run away 'or'
2) Just run away

My mind said that I should go for the second option but a little voice inside me told me I was not a coward and I had to face this. 

After what felt like an eternity, "Good morning everybody" came out of my mouth only to be welcomed by a million laughs. Ooops! It was already night shit!

I was close to tears and a sudden rage built up inside me and all I wanted to do now was bash every person present in that stupid auditorium. Bash I did but not with a whip but my words...!!

I spoke up. This time more confident than ever. The fear vanished into thin air and a change overcame me. The play started to enact and I gave my best to it with all the emotions and body language i could muster. 

I started enjoying it, the stage was mine and tonight I was its star. The drama with two song sequences in between went on for half an hour and finally when it was over by a conclusion given by a loud and magical me was welcomed with the loudest applause by the audience and my heart jumped a jolly jump when I saw my family and a dozen more blessed souls were giving me a standing ovation.

I had overcome fear... had risen above it and won the battle inside me!

The point of sharing this story was just to let you all know how important it is that we overcome our fears and live a daring life. When our fears hold us back, we will never be able to succeed.

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