Bollywood fashion disasters ~ edition 1


"Inorder to be irreplaceable, one must be different" 

While I totally agree with this quote I as hell don't think this means being so different that you are a laughing stock!! While Bollywood has set the best examples of fashion, it has also given some drastic examples of the forms of fashion one should avoid.

Today, I bring to you a new category based on the same... an edition which will hopefully continue in the coming days too. 

Here's a fun post for you all... hope you enjoy!!

"Hi. I just sleep walked here and got myself clicked.... and *don't* even ask why i got that heniously out of place blue scarf on my head... yo I am Bebo, mereliya sab chalta hai!!"

"Khuljaaaaaaa Sim sim!!" O_o

Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you wear!

Looks like Mrs Sen just had a trip to the Galaxy and brought a toli of stars for us!!

Babaji ka Thullu!! _/\_

Yes... we have men too!! 
Okay first thing, I don;t have anything agaisnt men with long hair but seriously? Is it necessary to *accessorise* them??! NOT cool! Me thinks SRK looks like a hawk with a protruding colourful tail. Black rubber bacd he lagaleta bande!!! O_o

Give me chance and i'll give you hundred reasons why I hate this outfit! Those glasses would have looked so much better with a western outfit or a less dramatic hairstyle! 

,,,,and holy cow!!! WHAT THE HELL was Prachi thinking when she wore that sweater of a blouse? Ewwwww!

Sometimes I find ut really really hard to believe Sabyasachi is this talented woman's disgner.. I mean just *look* at that saree... you are a Bollywood actress for hellsake! Even my niece can drape a better sari than you have here. Haywire Gulabo much!!

Looks like Sushmita Sen and Vidya Balan are having a competition. Miss Balan seems to steal the show though! Looks like she wore a nightie and planned to scare people for the day... doesn't this looks like she's out for Halloween celebration?!!!

*Now we know who replaced Gabbar in "sojao naito Gabbar aajayega!"*

" I just escaped from a sci-fi movie. Buhahaahaha!!" O.o

"Hey! I am visiting China, wanna tag along?!!" Just LOOK at that dress! *faints*

So folks, until I regain consciousness,
Adios! :)

[All images taken from Google images. Couldn't find the real sources! If you own any of them and want them removed mail me pls:]

*Please Note: This post is in no way intended to ridicule anyone. All these actors are totally talented and I respect them. This is just a post throwing some light and examples on what one should never mistake for fashion!*

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