Ethnic Jewelry haul


If you are following my other blog you will know that I have been besotted with jewelry a lot these days.
This haul was made a long time back, just couldn't post it because I wasn't satisfied with the pictures and delayed it until now... Now, gathering all of these again for a shoot didn't make sense to me so posting the same pics nevertheless! *I know i know*
Those pearls are original, gifted to me by my sister, I didn't like the color combo of those pearls before but now when I wear it, it does look beautiful... Thank you Di!! ^_^
 All other jewelry is either from commercial street/Shivajinagar or from outside India( Gift from Dad ^^)
 I love vanity rings and these three are real pretty!! Just one of them is enough to get all those eyes on you and burn girls in jealous :P :D
 Ethnic bangles... really really awesome for occasions!! Have worn them for 3-4 occasions and they have *never* disappointed me!
 That's my Dad's distinct choice :D ...and that black and white earrings in the right  hand side of first pic are from outside India too. Didn't get to click them well though... but they are simply my favourite out of the lot.. light weight, gorgeous, attractive... and perfectly my Dad's choice! :D
Those pearls were very expensive. Dunno why my sister even got the idea of gifting them to me! O_o Next time I'll let her know I want ta gadget instead :D :P #Yo

Lotsa Love.

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