I Miss You!


Miss your smell,
Miss your touch...
Miss those kisses I gave you..

Miss those days we spent together.
You were my best friend and much more...
The moments we shared together are endless and precious.

You were the one I shared my first crush with.

"Oh! OH! Oh! Today I saw him. 
He saw me. 
I looked away but than I looked back. 

I remember sharing this with you long ago.

You were the one I kissed the most.

"I LOVE you! you listen to me so patiently!"
I would say before letting my lips linger around you.

I kept you close to me, we were inseparable.

You took all my nonsense without uttering a word.
Never did you ask me to stop blabbering or stop acting weird.

When the world hurt me I would find solace in you.
I would soak you wet in my tears and sorrow.
You never complained!

I loved you, I still do. But I am sorry my dearest.
Time has changed with technology.
We hardly see more of each other
And I know this will shatter your heart but...

I found a new guy!!

We have been together for two years,
I love him, he loves me.

He can never beat you. NEVER.
Too Techi he is!

Will always miss your feel... always!
The new guy whose name is 'Blog'
can never beat you my dear DIARY!

You were my favorite hobby,

But I am sorry, it's breakup!

Yours truly,

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