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Shopping ~ A word which never fails to bring a wide smile on my face, especially if it's Online!

Gone are the days when I used to pen down long shopping lists then go to malls/stores by battling the traffic of Bangalore and wasting more time then ever required. Then there are these mad crowds at the stores if you go on weekends which exhausts you to an unimaginable extent. The never ending billing queues and limited options for choice of products...

Thanks to Online shopping, shopping had become a piece of cake which can be had sitting in the warm comfort of your bed with your laptop or your Cell phone!!

I am a black belt bargainer and I can tell you that the joy of getting a discount for something which you are buying is simply amazing. While the bargaining option cannot be applied while shopping online, there is something more awesome which simply makes me fall all over in love again with Online shopping and that is nothing but the three magical words... coupons, deals and promotions!

 You will find hundreds of websites who are willing to offer you these three magical words but not all of them are trustworthy and effective! Choosing the right website is a crucial task but not to worry, the shopaholic is here to guide you! :) is a website I came across recently, it deals in online coupons and promotion codes.
As the name itself suggests, is your 'shopping pal', a venture which you can totally depend on for your discounts and coupon codes!
The procedure to gain discounts is very simple. You just have to go to the e-commerce website you want to shop from through and apply the coupon code while checking out.

For example say you want to shop from Flipkart, you will have to simply login at and go to the Coupons by Flipkart page.
Then simply choose the coupon which lures you the most and click on it to activate it. A new tab will open where you will be directed to and a message will be shown.
Now simply checkout and if it's a deal there's nothing else you have to do, if it's a coupon code then simply paste the code in the "Coupons and codes" section while checking out and that's it!

By doing these simple steps you can save a lot. Shoppal also has a subscription facility where you can subscribe to receive all the new coupons and deals of your favorite website. I totally loved this feature.

Summing Up:

The Yays:
*Easy navigation
*User friendly website
*Categorization is wonderful
*Coupons for hundreds of Online shopping portals
*Queries can be posted
*Only active coupons are displayed so you don't have to worry about the voucher not working.
*Amazing coupons
*A true shopping Pal

The Nays:

All in all, if if you want to shop online, I totally recommend that you check out this website, you can really save some good bucks and have a better shopping experience. What with GOSF on the move, I this one's not to miss. So friends, go check out like NOW! :)


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