The First Rain Of Winter


In a street filled with strangers,
As I walked not fearing any dangers,

I heard you whisper to me,
I knew it was you, no one else it could be!

As if to assure me you roared and called my name,
I was yours and you were mine to claim

"Oh! It's thunder! Run run run! 
Screamed the strangers while I shun

They ran for shelter as I stood there rooted, 
For me the world had paused and simply muted

Pitter patter, splash, splutter, splatter,
I heard your droplets fall and clatter

Raising my head above I was ready for your kiss,
Your droplets touching my lips was pure bliss.

I played with you all day long,
Your puddles were my stage and thunder my song.

Now it was time for you to go,
You kissed me goodbye sweet and slow,

 The cold I got was a love mark from you,
Oh dear Rain! How much I love you, you have no clue,
You simply have no clue!!

[Author's Note: This poem is in the memory of this very first poem I wrote in my love for rain. :) I missed writing some *real* poems hence this! It came straight from the heart, hope you liked it! :) ]
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  1. Wow. Twas beautiful. :)

    But rain in winter, gives me shivers, I mean literally. :P

  2. Goosebumps!

    Love it totally. You are super creative. XO:)

  3. Lovely! You have woven the sentiments beautifully bushra. Keep going!

  4. ..Romancing the rain beautifully woven..loved it Bushra.. :)

  5. What I said earlier...the poem is as amazing the feeling we get during the rains. :-) :D I love rains and loved this poem.

  6. Really enjoyed it! I almost miss the rain with you too but at sitting at -18deg C, I rather not pray for it :)

  7. Loved the play of words!

  8. I too love rains, and your poem felt like watching a master painter at work. Lovely writing.


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