Truth always wins


"Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away."

I can never agree more with the above beautiful quote!

Life is a game and truth its essence, when we resort to lying instead of telling the truth, it may cover up the incident for that particular moment but the truth always comes out later and not to forget this crucifing feeling guilt which accompanies the lier!

In my nineteen years of life, I have seen this and experienced it several times. When I was a kid I used to get fascinated hearing the story of the cattle and the boy where the boy lies that his cattle have been eaten by wolves to an extent that when it really happens, no one trusts him and he looses his sheep.

This and many other stories show that honesty has always been the best policy. Back in my schooling days, I learnt that it was more than a policy... a feeling of triumph!!

It was that time when Swine flu had started hitting the states of  India vigorously and schools were forced to provide unplanned leaves to the children. It so happened that one day we used to have school and the other day we would be taken back to our homes after an assembly announcement. I remember that those days were mine and my classmates' favourite days. We would be beyond joy on hearing that a particular test was cancelled because we had to be rushed back home. It so happened we all high school students started taking things for granted. One day me and my friend went to school and saw that half of the school was not present but we were annoyed as the watch man told us that the headmistress would not be giving a leave today. We had a very tough maths exam the same day and we started cursing our luck and wishing there was some chance to escape it! 

The assembly had not yet assembled and the third bell had not rung yet which meant we had ten minutes to change the fate of our day. A weird idea crossed mine and my friend's mind and we decided to bunk school!! We sneaked out of the school but the watchman saw us. It was strictly against the rules of our school for children to go out without the permission of teachers after entering the premises. 

We walked our way home, our hearts racing and enjoying every moment of our breaking the rules. Me and my friend had icecreams on the way and then finally we were home. Our parents were shocked to see us as it was the rule of our school that the parents were informed before the students were sent home on a leave. My parents had not received the call and one look at their faces told me that I was in an instant trouble.

That's when I took the support of a lie and by the time my parents allowed me inside, a heavy mountain full of lies had been built on my head. I instantly felt bad for lying to my parents that the school had given an emergency leave. Then there was this instant heart beats racing every time the phone rung as I was scared that someone from my school would call inquiring about me and the cat would be out. My parents trusted me and I didn't want to let them know that I had lied to them.

The whole day, I was filled with an unimaginable guilt and couldn't wait for next morning. Next morning was a proof that lying gets you nowehere but trouble. Me and my friend were instantly taken to the principel's cabin and questioned harshly. Being prefects and to-be School captains, it was a moment of total shame. Finally after half an hour of verbal bricks and assigned detentions the teacher dismissed saying she would bring it to our parent's notice. That was the moment when the tears actually pooled in!!

Several questions started pouring inside my mind. Th eguilt was unbearable. Only to imagine what my parents would think when they knew that I had lied to them and bunked school gave me jitters. If only I hadn't lied to them, the situation could have been handled to an extent.

When I got back home, the first thing I did was rush to my parents and pour my heart out. I told them everything and apologized before the teacher called. They were angry even ready to kick me but then the way I been restless without telling them the truth had touched them so finally they hugged a crying me and asked me never to lie to them ever again.

That day I learnt that no matter how death-like the truth would sound, it always has a warm side up and it always wins.

This and many more incidents have taught me that honesty is the best policy!

This wonderful TVC by Kinley is a pure example of the same! :

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