Your Mama...


The day you were born my son,
I was born again with you,

Your laughter was my medicine,
You were my morning dew

My heart would bleed seeing you cry
Love, you were the apple of my eye

My day would start with wiping you dry,
My nights would end with singing you a lullaby

I would feed and pamper my little naughty man,
Then dress you up and rush you to the van.

My heart would pain to send you away,
Keep him safe oh God! I would always pray

Today I sent you with the same good bye kiss,
That one kiss and many i will for eternity miss

I always made sure your uniform was free of  dust or mud,
Today they sent it to me ripped and dipped in your blood

The dinner i prepared for you lies unconsumed,
So do your toys and clothes in your scent perfumed

When they shot my angel, they shot me too,
When you died I and humanity died with you

No tears.. none. Just silent screams,
As i search for pieces of my endless dreams

With patience I battle my grief and trauma
Oh baby come back,
Come back once and call me 'Mama'!!
~(c) Bushra

:( Please remember those little angels in your prayers!!
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  1. Very touching, Bushra.
    Indeed sad for humanity...

  2. Touching painful and sad :(

  3. Though painful, yet beautifully crafted..only a mother can comprehend this feeling....

  4. Poignant.
    But twas beautifully penned.

  5. With patience I battle my grief and trauma
    Oh baby come back,
    Come back once and call me 'Mama'!!

    Very well said Bushra. Our deepest sympathies with all the parents who lost their children in this barbaric tragedy.

  6. I am saddened by the fact that in-spite of getting support from India in this matter Pakistan still released the mastermind of Mumbai attack. I am sorry to note that state that support terrorism suffer like this. Every time I think of those innocent children I shudder in fear and think - RIP Humanity.


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