Hey! Will you be my valentine?


Saint Valentine's day or simply Valentine's day is a day observed on February 14. It is a day when love is celebrated throughout the globe. This day has a beautiful aura to it which goes back to the the Roman Empire where a priest named Valentine sacrificed himself for his blind lady love. This day is famed as the second largest card-sending occasion next to Christmas. People exchange love messages with their loved ones on this day which are also known as "valentines". The most popular form of valentines are the heart shaped ones and the ones with  the outline a winged Cupid. After the 19th century, the majority tradition of sending cards has been replaced by handwritten notes as it's believed they hold more value. A surprising survey reveals that nearly one billion Valentines Day cards are exchanged each year all over the world and women are believed to constitute 85 percent of all those valentines.

The 'season of love' as they call it has been a very spoken about and one of the most celebrated seasons of all time!

Back in school/college days this day was most fun. I remember how the whole atmosphere would go all giggly as love would be in the air. The secret cards, the little heartbreaks and the endless gossip would make this day special.

I am that girl who has always believed in fairytales...but not anymore. Life has given me enough lemons to know what is sour and what is sweet.

But I do believe that "somewhere out there is someone who is waiting just for me"!!

Having said that, if I find him before this valentine's day, I have already planned how to propose him! :D

Yes, 'I' being a *Girl* will propose him! :D

I don't believe in the 'Men ask them out first' fact at all! I believe that if you love someone you should let them know and not hold back just because you are a girl!

So, here's how I plan to propose my prince charming ^_^

1) Being a poet myself, I would love to propose him in a poetic way. I would write a beautiful shayari and send him that anonymous letter in the hands of a kid and a clue to guess who sent it. If feelings are mutual, I am sure he will recognize it was me...

2) If we are partying with friends on that day I would ask the DJ to dedicate his favorite song to  him and indirectly propose to him using the song lyrics.

3) I'll take him to a fresh morning walk and fall beside him on purpose. When he will try to help me up with concern in his eyes, i'll whisper "I love you" to him and run away laughing.. That expression on his face will be priceless!!

4) I'll use that old trick where one asks: "Hey do you have a bandaid? I just hurt my knee while falling for you!"

5) Now the best way: I'll take him to pizza hut and say this little speech:

"You know, I LOVE pizzas! Have been fond of them since I was a little kid. I have never loved anything more in life other than pizzas......       *pauses for effect*    except you!" :P :D

A hundred more ways are still under construction in my mind... my man will be lucky ;)

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  1. wow you have planed everything for whom you are still searching.


  2. OMG, you're so cute.. it's been so long since i blog hopped here and see how you floor me with all your love. absolutely loved this and you're quite romantic and young so despite the sour-y odd lemon which might have popped in your way don't worry, your guy will pop more roses for every sour lemon you might have to face because in the end, it is always worth the wait and abhi toh umar hi kya h :P :P :P

    you seem to be one of those who has so much happiness inside her :* any guy is going to be lucky to have a poet like you shower endless love.

    here's to your love story. keep falling in love and Mr. guy come soon for the pretty you :) :)

    happy valentine's day in advance to you :)


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