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While other women want to be gifted pearls and diamonds, I am that sour grape who would rather prefer gadgets and sports cars!

Being a blogger, a laptop is my best friend. Tablets and touch screens are just not my thing! As a blogger I have to do a lot of typing and that's where a qwerty keypad plays its role!

I have a great crush on laptops! Having had the privilege to use everything from a Mac to HP and Dell, I can say that a laptop is a blessing to a blogger!

I love trying out different brands and this time I am crushing on this new EeeBook by ASUS. ASUS has this amazing quality of constantly manufacturing innovative products. The Zenphone was an amazing example!

While all the laptops I used(mentioned above) were nice, none were as promising as this EeeBook by ASUS!!

That style.. Those beautiful colours.. That amazing features.. to sum up, this EeeBook by ASUS is simply an amazing innovation!

The first thing I look for in a laptop is its battery and run time power. I travel a lot and it's a pain in the neck if my gadgets are too feeble to cope up with my travelling habits and demand to be charged again and again!

The ASUS EeeBook has an amazing 12 hour battery back up for browsing which means I ca keep on blogging for a whole day even on the run!

Next thing I look in a good gadget is its weight.. "The lighter, the better".. specially while travelling! Bulky products are a big no no!

The ASUS EeeBook wins hearts here too. It's desgned to be sleek and light weight, just what a geek wants!

The colours!!

I currently use a red laptop so you know how much I love colours in my gadgets! So it was a win win situation when I learnt that this amazing EeeBook by ASUS comes in not one, not two, not three but four pretty awesome colours!! Dark blue for the bold and business like, gold for the classy, red for the suave and white for the clarity lovers!

All the colours are awesome! If I have to gift someone in future, I get to choose from for damn awesome colours like WOW!

Next comes the display and the performance of a gadget. I am a big movie buff and a clear screen is what I like while watching my videos. The 29.4cm ASUS Eeebook display wins here too. So light and portable it is that you want to keep on watching movies and get entertained through it!

This Book is amazing performance wise too.

Now the BEST part... the PRICE!!

I freaking started doing a happy dance when I knew that this amazing book with these hell lot of features comes at only 14,999!! :D

ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040.

Image via Indiblogger

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