Your words have power ~ Use Them Wisely!


I want to write but there's a blur in my eyes,
Are these tears or pain in disguise?

Tonight I write but the ink is my blood,
The pages blot while my tears flood..

Today I was scarred, burnt and framed,
Not by anyone but my own words..

This is all. Some one is singing,
Wait! It's not a song but a scream..

A broken heart wails while I cry in wain,
Nothing is left but hurt and pain..

The cat is out, so are the filthy words,
Slashing hearts with thousand invisible swords..

Tonight I write, but I know it's no use,
Nothing can heal that deep a bruise..

They push you into a hell where escape is unlikely,
Your words have power, use them wisely!

P.S: I had published this post a year back but somehow it got reverted back into a draft. Republished it! :)

[Pic credit: @MrLachris]

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  1. Words can hurt more violently than anything! Like the poem Bush... :-)

  2. Beautifully composed Bushra. It is very much true that words are the fatal when not used wisely. Every relationship in this world depends upon how we communicate.

  3. Your words have power, use them wisely!
    You already are!!!!! Beautiful.

  4. Quoting ASOIAF words - Words are wind.

  5. Quoting ASOIAF words - Words are wind.

  6. Has the power to touch one's heart!

  7. Your words have power too, just in awe of this poem!

  8. Words are more powerful than weapons. Nice message.

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