Barbet Bird ~ Wildlife Photography


"What is this life full of care
No time to stand and stare"

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I have developed an inkling towards photography and I am taking sessions for it.

Recently, I bought this beauty of a camera P600 from Nikon which burt a big hole in my wallet but hey! It was worth it! :D I am in love love love with the massive zoom feature of this camera which is 60x *smirks* So, the bottom line, you will get many eye treats from now on! *winks*

They say wildlife photography demands the right timing - how true! I got to click this beauty of a brown headed barbet bird the other day and oh my!! I am in LOVE with it's colours.. perfect!
 See that pose? Saaaaxy fella! ;)

Critics are welcome,
An amateur photographer,

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