Bedtime Rituals for the Blossom of Our Lives..


Kids are nothing but happiness. When they are born, they not only bring joy to their parents but the whole family. When my nephew was born, it was a moment of pure pleasure for our entire family spread over different parts of India.

I remember how all of us had basked in the joy on hearing the birth news of my nephew. The whole family had bombed into the hospital where my sister was admitted and had had a mini party in the hospital premises.

Since the day the little one was born, i lives changed dramatically. All the corners of the house which would have been silent and brooding otherwise, echoed of my nephews laughs and cries now. Not to mention that our workload had increased too. :D The little one was insistent, demanding, and a total attention seeker right from his birth! As his mother had underwent a cesarean, the whole responsibility was now majorly on the rest of the family.

Litlle ones have some of the strangest sleeping times. I remember how at least for three months after his birth, my nephew's weird sleeping times had changed the whole family's sleeping times too!

The entire day, excluding the regular intervals in which he would drink milk, my nephew would sleep like a bear and as soon as night would fall, all his sleepiness would evaporate into thin air and he would play/stare at us through the entire night and finally fall asleep again around 4:00. While this was a bit annoying in the beginning, can't help agree that this was totally fun too. It was pure joy watching over the kiddo and playing with him while the rest of the world was sound asleep.

My nephew is a pamper boy in and out! He is nearly two years old now and I have hardly seen him not wearing pampers.

One thing I would like to say from the bottom of my heart:

"Whoever invented pampers, THANK YOU a million times!!" I am not a mother yet but having a nephew has brought me close enough to motherhood and I can tell you that pampers are a REAL blessing!

My nephew's sleep routine is more complicated than my very own ;)

*My sister first gives him a warm bath if he is in need of one( thanks to the whole day spent jumping around and accumulating germs!) After this, my Mom dries him up and gives him a nice oil massage which calms his little mischief down for a while. My nephew loves this part of the routine a lot! :D

Then he is powdered and pampered further. After that my sister makes him wear fresh warm cotton clothes which are comfortable for his skin. Coming to the most important part, I make him wear a fresh pair of pampers. Pampers are a very crucial part while sleeping. Good quality is a must as not-so-good pampers can destroy the babies skin, giving him blood marks and skin infection!

Once when my sister happened to make my nephew wear a not-so-good quality of pamper as she didn't have knowledge in this field at that time, I remember how my nephew had suffered from skin infection and the infection was so grave that we had to visit a doctor.

So, the right pampers(the actual branded ones) which are equipped with the latest gel technology and keeps both the inner and outer side of the pamper dry is the one you should choose for your kid!

After making him wear pampers, my sister sings a lullaby to him and he falls asleep drinking the bottled milk. 

P.S: While I write this, my nephew is touching my laptop screen, and talking to that kid in the video.. Haha! :D

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