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It's almost Valentines day and what better an occasion to don red lipsticks which scream love, boldness and attitude!

I have always loved products by L'Oreal especially their lipstick range is simply awesome! Last year's Cannes edition is one of my favorite and the 'moisture matte in Lincoln rose' lipstick endorsed by Aishwarya Rai still remains my most fetched out choice.

Knowing L'Oreal, they are always adamant at creating something new and bringing a smile on the faces of women. This year was no different! Actually they have come out with the hottest of concepts ever and an all new range of only pure reds.

Red is an energizing colour which screams confidence and power. Just a pop of it can brighten your mood hence a red lipstick is a must have!
To start with, all the reds are hot and suit Indian skin tones. I tried the lipsticks on three of my friends and the result was simply fabulous!

These friends of mine always shy away from wearing red lipsticks saying they are too loud or don't suit them, but hey! This is L'Oreal right?!! I talked them into trying them.
7 Shades Available: Pure Fire, Pure Vermeil, Pure Brick, Pure Rouge, Pure Scarleto, Pure Amaranthe and Pure Garnet.

Here's a review of all the seven shades of amazing Reds!

1) Fire by Li Bing Bing:
This is my favourite shade, one that I totally loved! It's more of an orange toned red with hints of coral. This is that one shade which screams confidence and class at the same time! It totally

2) Star Pure Rouge by Frieda Pinto:
This is the reddest of reds in this range. One shade which is totally bridal and occasion demanding.
This somehow reminded me of the 'Lincoln rose'shade from L'Oreal's previous moisture matte range.

3) Pure Amaranthe by Gong Li:
This is a playful pinkish red which, the best part it is that shade of pink-red which will easily suit all skin tones!

4) Pure Brick by Aishwarya Rai:
This is more of a brown red. Will totally suit *any* skin tone and definitely a must have for office goers! It's just that shade of confidence which is not too loud nor too low.

5) Pure Scarleto by Blake Lively:
Perfect to its name, it's that chick classy shade which screams attitude and a positive one! After 'Pure rouge' this is the closest pure red in this range. This is also the most bold shade which attracts attention and looks Uber hot!

6)  Vermeil by Fan Bing Bing:
This is one tricky colour which is more of a pink and orange then red. Just a distant hint of red is visible. This one is more somber and is for the shy chicks who want to wear a red yet not want to look OTT!!

7) Pure Garnet by Sonam Kapoor:
One tricky shade this is which may not suit all skin tones. It's a maroon plum shade with very few hints of red. Too loud and totally eye catchy! If you like a totally distinct shades of red then you should totally try this!

Look how some of the shades looked on my friends:
Pink Vermeil: Casual Look

Brick Red: Party Look

Corals are party perfect and what more of an occasion to wear the 'brick red' shade than a cocktail party! 

Fire: Dinner Date Look
They say you can never go wrong with reds and this is totally true when it comes to the shade 'Fire' of this range! It's sexy sazzy and classy at the same time. Just a pop of it on the lips can give the whole outfit a different look. In the above picture, I styled my friend for a date night. Red looks extra hot on black and the universal combo always clicks. You can jazz up your date night donning the above look. All black with a pop of red lipsticks and you are good to go and win his heart!

Pure Scarleto: Girls' night out look

Texture: This star collection lipstick range from LO'real Paris has one of the most smooth matte textures which is not drying at all. Best part, the lipstick doesn't settle in the fine lines of your lips and can be worn on broken skin too. However I suggest exfoliating your lips for a more neat and defined look. 

Pigmentation: All these shades are highly pigmented. One swipe is enough for an opaque look. The pigmentation can be built further by applying another swipe. Ladies with pigmented lips will totally love these! 

Price: 995/- per lipstick. A bit expensive than the moist matte range but then totally more awesome!

Availability: Easily available. You can buy hem online too.

Net Content: 4.2g per lipstick. Will last long.

Shelf Life: 24 months

Overall, I am totally in love with this new range by L'Oreal with has red shades which are both bold and beautiful! The texture of these lipsticks is amazing and so is the colour pay off. They last a good six hours, though i like reapplying my lipsticks. They are not drying while applied but do leave chapped lips if you apply too them too many times. Well, that's quite normal with every lipstick. The key is keeping your lips hydrated often. 
The colour pay off is totally fabulous and as I said earlier, the lipstick doesn't settle on fine lines... more reasons to love it!
You can apply this lipstick straight from the tube or even use a lip brush for a more defined finish. 

Be it any occasion, these shades of lipsticks will simply add to the beauty of your day! 
I and my friends are all set to #GoRouge wearing this lovely lipsticks. Are you? Let us know!

Psst! : The shade 'Fire' (my fav) from this range is a MUST have!! ^^

Photographer: Yours truly, Stilettomaniac
Models: My friends Asha, Merina and Jennifer.

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