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Love yourself... the world can wait!

Every Valentines day reminds me of how blessed those are who are single. This one was no different. In my twenty years of life, I was never able to understand the true concept of the 'filmy love' they talk about. Not that I didn't try, I did and I am glad I did as every mistake was an experience, an experience from which my foundation about 'love is a bhest of time' simply grew!

It's not that I don't believe in love at all, it's just that I didn't get time to look away from my own awesome self and couldn't gather the heart to love a man more than I love my own-self.

The whole idea of this 'love' is so cliche`. The weirdest shit is the 'love at first sight' thing which shames the whole idea of logic. It's time we stopped being so naive` and stopped mistaking lust for love.

Love does exist, I believe. It has different forms, forms which are more saner than the filmy filth.

Parents are love
Faith is love
Food is love (Especially Biryani)
True friends are love
Gadgets and wi-fi are love..!!

I am sure all of you will agree with that now, especially the last bit! ;)

Gadgets and I have a love-love relationship. No hate here. 

When I was a kid, like every other girl, even I dreamed of my Prince Charming. I have some of the weirdest dreams, the fairytale types where my Prince charming comes to me in need and sweeps me off my floor.

Today, I am sure my Prince Charming is a gadget. Yes, and it can't be any other than the super sleek and sexy ASUS Zenfone!

Five reasons why ASUS Zenfone is my Ideal Valentine:

Who needs men when there are gadgets? Not me. Nada. I would happily choose a sexy phone such as the Zenfone any day over a man! 

1) For its Camera:
I love clicking pics and the Zenfone camera seems very appealing to me! It's said that this phone has the best camera in this range of smart phones. I am a narcissit who loves clicking selfies for which a good front camera is a must for me. The Zenfone front camera is simply amazing and my best buddy when I need a quick selfie! 

2) Amazing Multi-tasking features:
I am an ardent multi-tasker and you'll see at least a twenty apps opened in my cell phone. Multi-tasking a lot hangs normal smartphones but with the Zenfone it's a different case! Love how it lets me run a lot of apps seamlessly at the same time!

3) Affordable:
What's the fun when you love something and can't buy it? Have faced this with my second Mac and trust me, it hurts to accept that you can't afford those expensive pieces of shit! *grrr*

So, the BEST part of my boy Zenfone, is that, I can buy him and at the same time not hurt my bank balance! ;)

4) Sound Quality:
This phone has an amazing sound quality, perfect for a soft music louver like me! ;) When the world outside gets too boring and annoying, I simply pop in my head phones and evaporate into another world full of fun with my Zenfone!

5) Looks Looks Looks:
The fifth reason is pretty simple and straight forward! I want a HOT valentine. A normal one or an 'okie-dokie' types is NOT acceptable! Zenfone is simply saxxxxy and suave, perfectly how I want my date to look. 

Caution: Extreme hotness here. Burn. Burn.
*Massive drooooool*

Hokay, any more doubts on why I would chose a Zenfone over a man anyday? Stop putting *buri nazar* on my valentine now and go get yourself one too! ;)


P.S: Happy belated Valentines day. I repeat, love yourself first, the world can wait!
P.S.S: All grammatical errors in this post are purely intentional!

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