Upgrading my car with Quikr NXT!


A few days back, I introduced you all to the amazing Quikr NXT feature in this post. Don't you think this feature was an amazing creation? It simply makes shopping via Quikr so much easier!

We own a Maruti Omni and have been influencing my Dad to get an upgrade. This time it's going to be a hunk of a Fiat or maybe a Scorpio.

The thing is, I am not a fan of second-hand vehicles at all! I like my gadgets and my automobiles sparkling new and sexy! ;) The idea of buying a second-hand car never appealed to me until I realised I needed a car asap and owning a brand new one at the moment could be injurious to the health of my bank balance! Besides, learning to drive a car is still due on me and I definitely don't want to torture a brand new car in that process! :P

So, now that I want to buy a second-hand car, the first thought which crossed my mind was Quikr.com! As you all know( if you don't know then God help you) Quikr is the current sensational online classified which acts as a connection medium between the buyer and the seller.

I have shopped via Quikr thrice and have had wonderful experiences every time!

So, if I have to replace my old car, I'll do it via Quikr only. there are many reasons for doing this, a few of them are:
* I'll be easily able to check out all the available options within Bangalore (the place I live) and won't have to roam around the entire city to do the same.
* Not many second-hand options are available in the market as not all who are willing to sell market their cars in thrift shops.

With Quikr's mobile app/ website, I can easily find the hundreds of sellers who are willing to sell their second-hand vehicles on reasonable rates.

Thanks to Quikr's new NXT chat feature, this process will be a breeze now! The Quikr's NXT chat helps buyers and sellers to immediately connect with each other through the chat feature on Quikr's mobile app or even website. Here, buyers and sellers don't have to exchange their contact numbers. This safe guard's the privacy of both the buyer and the seller and the transaction can be made without the hassles of phone calls.

Using this chat feature, I can easily contact the seller whose car I am interested in buying and ask for more pictures or details easily. There is no need of even WhatsApp now!

I love shopping and if I don't have to face any difficulties while doing my transactions, I love it even more!

With the NXT chat app, I can even take screenshots and preserve the chat history for security and future references. This feature will surely bring a huge change and development to the classified websites!

I personally recommend Quikr to all of you as no doubt the best place to check if you want to buy a second-hand car!

Do check it out and let me know what you think!

Image via Indiblogger.in

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