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Food ~ What emotions does this word trigger in you?

For me it's a million emotions and the biggest one is love! I love food, food loves me.. we have a great bond since the day I was born.

Sometimes I wonder how pointless life would be if a human had no appetite and did not require food to live. The whole cycle of life would be so pointless and the enthusiasm of living would be lost.

Everything from south Indian idli sambar, to North Indian chana chole, kababs, biryani and western cuisines is pure love! Food has this amazing quality of elevating my mood no matter how sour I am feeling!

"The way to a man's heart is his stomach" Well, can't agree more with this but hey!! Women love food too, at least I do, more than any man alive that is!!

I have said this tons of times, repeating again: "I can choose an extra cheese layered pizza over a man any day!"

I eat food, I live food, I even dream about it!! That's not all, I love cooking food too. What's the fun when you can't cook what you like to eat right?!!

Some people have magic in their hands. For eg. my Mom! She cooks some deliciously drool-worthy dishes! Looks like it's the same case with Guptaji's wife!

Guptaji's family know how to whip the perfect breakfast with over a 100 delicious recipes. After watching the Kellog's TVC, I craving to go visit Guptaji and have nashta in their home!

It seems they include the amazing delicious Kelloggs cornflakes in all their dishes and that's the secret behind the irresistible dishes!

What's more! I checked out their Facebook page and to my surprise, the recipes are simply amazing!

They have added Kellogg cornflakes to everything from Coconut laddoos to Popcorn and Chivda! I would love to visit Guptaji's and try out the movie wala popcorn and also the delicious looking pastries.

Doesn't this dish look simply delicious and worth trying! The best part is, it contains Kelloggs cornflakes which adds to the taste!

If you want something more filling then try this!  This goes perfect with a nice hot cup of tea and some crunchies! Treat yourself to this after a tiring day of work or simply on a lazy Sunday morning!!

Another mouth watering nashta with nuts to make you go nuts and have filling ad joyous day! Love all the pictures posted on their Facebook page and also the recipes are distinct. I would love to try all of these. Will surely try them once the wedding madness subsides. It'll be a pleasure to try them out and invite friends and folks to taste all these dishes!

I am in awe with all these dishes and would love to be invited for a nashta at Guptaji's house. All these dishes are simply alluring and I don't want to give them a miss at any cost. What are your favourite dishes from these? Do share!!

Also check out the TVC I was talking about here: 

All images taken from Kellogg's Facebook feed.

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