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Buying the right lingerie can sometimes be more complicated than choosing the right dress to wear on a date. The right type of bra and panties can help a woman cover her flaws, accentuate her curves and make her look prettier and sexy. Choosing the right size which perfectly flatters your body type can be a real challenge.

Online shopping has traveled a long way and achieved many a milestones today. There were times when people laughed at the thought of buying a single apparel online but now, it's actually happening. Let alone dresses or office wear, women are even buying the pieces of lingerie online.

What with the impressive offers and the plethora of choice, online shopping has become simply irresistible! I for once can't remember the last time I stepped into a mall and picked up a dress. It's been at least a year since I am doing the majority of my shopping online.

Now, the question is, should one buy as personal and intimate a clothing like lingerie online?

My answer would be a straight yes. Here's why:
*Some of the websites have amazing packaging policies for lingerie. They provide discreet packaging which doesn't even mention what the courier contains in the invoice. Hence, the idea of privacy is prominent here.
*Many of the websites have got consistent size charts to help you choose the right lingerie always. This makes sure that you never go wrong with the sizes!

However, there are a few cases when you should avoid shopping for lingerie online. For example:
* If you feel your size has changed and your existing lingerie doesn't fit you. This can be common with women who are facing pregnancy, weight gain/loss.
*If you have special needs where repeated fitting are necessary before making a purchase.

Buy Online if:
*You know your current size.
*You want more options to choose from.
*You like comparing prices by different brands and getting the best deal.
*You feel awkward while buying lingerie in stores. Online shopping is a shy woman's best friend!
*You want to try foreign brands which are not easily available at stores.

So, now we know that be what it may, when it comes to lingerie, 'size' is the king!

It's very important to choose the right size of lingerie and undergarments as the ones which fit perfectly are comfortable and look good under one's clothes. is one of the leading online stores which apart from a thousand other things, also sells beautiful lingerie!

How to choose the right size:

The above chart simplifies the process of choosing the perfect size a lot deal better! The trick is to measure the right places and chose accordingly.

Personally, for the reasons mentioned above, I prefer shopping for lingerie and sleepwear online as it's simply so efficient if you know what to keep in mind. What is your take on this? Let me know!

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  1. Wow all the lingeries are pretty!

  2. Wow all the lingeries are pretty!

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