Little joys of life... #IAmHappy


It's funny how little things in life can bring broad smiles on one's face. The world is full of a million things which can instantly brighten up your mood.

The funnier part is, majority of them revolve around the word 'love'.

Love for food.
Love for family
Love for that special someone
Love for shopping, reading, writing... the list goes on!

I am an optimistic person, who enjoys little things life has to offer. If something which is not expected happens, I take it in a good way and believe that something better has been planned for me. There were times when I had not smiled for weeks, even months... gone are those days. With every day, I try to be better and more optimistic.

Life threw so many lemons at me that I mastered the art of catching them, storing them all and making lemonade out of it. Now when life throws lemons at me, it doesn't hurt any longer, instead, I simply grow more optimistic. But then there's always a little sadness which has to be taken care of.

That is when the things I am going to list now come into the picture! There are a million and more small things which make me happy. Sometimes it's spotting a butterfly, sometimes a call from a friend, sometimes a little chat with my sisters, a small gift from my brother, even a little compliment from my parents or simply rain.

Here are some things which I can remember right now. Listing them below:

*Happiness is, Following your heart..
Did you ever let your heart rule over your brains? Dangerous, I know. But hey! The risk is worth taking! :) Not all decisions should be taken by your brains. Let your heart rule at times and feel that inner joy. Fall in love with yourself... take decisions from your heart. Forgive people, step on your past and move on. Only when you do it will you experience how wonderful and happy you will feel if you do this! :)

*Happiness is being home alone..
Some *me* time is always a need. Just you, some old Bollywood music, good food, a best seller novel or Bollywood chic flick... Bliss!

*Happiness is writing poems..
What do you do when you are hit by mood swings? I write. I channel my emotions into poetry and let the words speak what I feel. Let me tell you, this feels amazing! Sometimes I simply scribble on my diary, my Twitter profile or the best, my blog! I have loved shayaris and love writing them myself more!

*Happiness is free wi-fi..
Who doesn't agree with me on this? :D Haha! Yes, you find free wi-fi and your mood is simply up! :D Slow and shabby wi-fi connections always put me off. Free wi-fi which is smooth and fast is true love!

*Happiness is when someone smiles and you smile back..
A day spent without a smile is such a waste of life. Smiles have that magnetic effect that brighten one's mood. When I am low or simply stressed about something, a reassuring smile from a loved one fixes everything for me. Especially if the one smiling is a small kid. The innocent smile of a child is simply addictive!

Happiness is so much more! It's everywhere.. you just need to be optimistic and not lose hope or feel lonely!

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  1. [ Laughs ] I agree with everything else, except the free Wi-Fi part; I am afraid of being hacked. In reality, free Wi-Fi can be somewhat risky.

    Do have yourself a wonderful weekend, my friend.

    1. Haha.. It's not that bad actually you know :D You too have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  2. It may sound wierd bt i liked the introductory part more than what really brings you happiness. :p
    In either case, stay happy. :)

    1. Doesn't sound weird at all! Thank you Arish :D

  3. It's amazing how most of the things that make you happy make me happy too! I'd add cleaning cupboards, window shopping, strolling along the seafront and eating iceacream as more things that make me happy. I love your attitude Bushra. Keep smiling and be happy!


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