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They say the best things in life come unexpected, something similar happened in my case.

At school, whenever I was questioned by my teacher on "what do you want to become when you grow up lines" thanks to the stereotyped society's influence, the first words which came out of my mouth were 'doctor' or 'engineer'. At this, the teacher's chest would bulge with pride and he would ask me to keep up the spirit.

As I grew up, I realised what I wanted to be was anything but a boring doctor or engineer. I disliked the idea of spending my rest of life without passion. Any work done without passion is simply pointless. 

Maths and history were my least favourite subjects. Science excited me, and computers brought out the best in me. I loved gadgets right from the beginning. Poetry, creative writing, reading novels and playing mind games were some fields I excelled in. I found I was more inclined towards the extracurricular activities at my school than in my maths classes. 

When I was in college, the picture of what I wanted to become got a bit clearer. I took up commerce as I had great interest for business studies and science had stopped alluring me now. EBACS came as a blessing for me as it did not only have the amazing business studies as a subject but computers too! 

This was the time when computers had just started invading homes and I remember that joy filled day when Dad had brought a computer for us. Actually, I was beyond joy! The idea of actually trying out all that I studied in reality was very appealing to me.

It was not long before I scored 100/100 in my Business studies paper( I have a business background ;) ) and excelled in computer studies too.

Then I was more than glad to join my father's business and help him handle his trade. But the passion for computers was always there. Internet was another exciting world for me. Just the idea of it was simply appealing and it was not long before I subscribed to my favourite beauty and lifestyle blogs and grew a liking towards becoming a fashion designer! :D

So, I took my fashion designing classes at the age of 19 and thought that this was it. Fashion designing was going to be my career. But turns out destiny had something else in store for me :).

I opened my own blog out of my love for stilettos(this one) and then another one a year later. That was how, blogging which I started out of passion, became my career! I took a bold step, I didn't care what the world would think of my profession, I took my share of risks, I didn't worry about being successful or not.. I just did it.. and I am glad I did!!

Yes, I am a blogger, a beauty fashion and lifestyle blogger ( ahem poetry, fiction and personal blogger at times too *winks* ) and I can't tell you how AWESOME it feels to be a blogger!!

The best part is when some random, nosy aunty at a wedding asks you what you do and you reply "I am a professional blogger" - that look she gives you before fleeting away.. PRICELESS! :D

That's how I started my new blogging life. If you did something similar to this too, do share your #StartANewLife stories with me!

Check out this amazing video by Housing for some more inspiration!

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