Saturday Musings ~ Being born again!


Dear Virtual World,

You might be wondering what crap I have typed here in this space now, but hey! Don't jump to conclusions so early, pretty please! I know I have a long way before I become an 'oh-so-awesome' writer (those who think I already am one, massive hearts their way <3 )but yes, you can be a little disappointed coz I am totally in the mood of writing some bullshit today!

Bottom line, this is the result of a recent mood swing so you know, it's gonna sound kinda weird but hey! Who says I am normal? I was born weird and have no regrets in proudly taking that title! ;) Okay, okay, before you all just close this tab and decide never to return on this space, let me tell you that I have something very interesting to share with you all! Very. Very. Interesting.

Am I getting married? No Lol. (STOP picturing that now). It's just that I have got a grip on myself and have vowed to start afresh. Yes, a new life, a life full of vigour, optimism, fun, frolic and ZEST.

So, you know what this means? Well, it means two things. One is bad and one is a goody good. Which one do you wanna hear first? Lol, okay let me tell you the good news first!!

*Tantadaaaaaa* *background music* *seetis*
1) I AM GOING TO BLOG REGULARLY!: Yup as regular as I eat food. Ahan, and when I say food, *ehem* you can guess how serious I am being coz I never joke around the lines of food. Never.

The Baaad newsssssssss:
*sighs* *clutches heart* *hands you a kerchief*
2) I AM GOING TO BLOG REGULARLY!: Hehe! That is, if you don't like reading my blog, it might be a pain in the a** for you!

So, bottom, left, right, the line is, I am starting new. Something new has been born in me. A new kid. A kid who wants to run around the whole world shouting in joy and yelling *I love you* to every person on Earth!

Hope to spread loads and LOADS of smiles. Yes, majority of the posts will be of the humour genre. :D

Stay awesome and stay connected,

P.S: If you were wondering what reason behind this sudden urge was, my new Dell laptop has started working like a dream and I have been filling up with just the right dose and actually overdose of optimism by my loved ones :)

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  1. This is indeed some serious crap. No, believe me.

    But i still enjoyed, because you lived up to your reputation.

    1. Haha! No intentions to live up to reputations my friend. Gone are those days :) Still, glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Oh, wow. Thats sounds like fun.
    And please pass on some to me. I have hit that writer's block and it is tough to get around it.

    Looking forward to more posts (daily).

  3. *Passes on* I know, writer's block can be a real pain! :) Get well soon AK!

  4. It's a good news for me...would love to read your regularly :-)


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