Summer's Biggest Blockbuster Is Here!


Summer is here and so is the storm of spicy surprises from the Bollywood industry!

Our cricket star, Virat Kohli was recently spotted at a filming shoot and that is what the whole blogosphere is buzzing about right now.  People are eager to know whether it was just a coincidence that he dropped by a filming set or is something really cooking up?

Since long, Virat Kohli has been rumoured to make his debut in Bollywood, now, it looks like these rumours are actually taking shape. 

A while back it was rumoured that Virat Kohli was going to make his Bollywood debut opposite one of Bollywood's most renowned actress but later the rumour died as Virat cleared the air and denied any such foundations.

Guess what strengthens our foundation on the fact that there's surely something cooking up this time? Anurag Basu, the Rockstar actor, Ranbir Kapoor, the amazing Pritam and Terence Lewis were spotted at the filming shoot along with Virat Kohli too! What were a director and screenwriter like Anurag Basu and other celebrities of Bollywood doing there if it does not have anything to do with Bollywood? I am guessing that Virat was auditioning for Anurag's next Bollywood flick!

So, not just Virat Kohli but with all the who's who of Bollywood, this film is going to be one big star-studded affair for sure!
This trailer which Pepsi released gives us some hints and further tickles our curious bones.
Looks like "Ye film kiski hai" is a big mystery as everyone in this video claims to be the star of this film.
This trailer itself is pretty hilarious with all of them giving witty reasons why the film could be their's. I can't wait to see what the final output would be. I am sure it's going to be something which is more hilarious and action packed(guessing by the scenes of Ranbir) than this amazing trailer itself.
When so many stars come together and it includes Anurag Basu, it's sure to be something big and spicy! What puzzled me is all the celebs claiming that the film is all about them. I mean you don't see celebs getting a bit nasty and claiming things to be only about them every day, now do you?! At present, it's all a hush-hush except for this little spoiler sent forth.

I am guessing that it's a Pepsi TVC given that Ranbir Kapoor and Virat Kohli are ambassadors for Pepsi, but whether or not it's true, only time will tell! One thing I know for sure is that it's going to be something big, fun and crazy. This film might as well be this Summer's biggest blockbuster!
Who do you think will be the real star of this film and what are your views on the same, let me know in the comments below!

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