What makes A Baby Happy?


I have loved kids since the time I was a kid myself (well, I still am one.. an adult kid though ;)). The truth is I never wanted to grow but hey! There's no choice right? Yeh zaalim duniya.. sigh! :P

Their laughter..
Their activeness..
Their screams..
Their smiles..
...everything about a kid is addictive!

Two years back I got the privilege of becoming a Masi( aunt) for the very first time, thanks to my little angel of a nephew! It is a feeling beyond words I tell you! I was visibly screaming and jumping around the whole hospital with joy when the little naughty man was born.

Life has changed a lot since my nephew was born. Each day spent with the little man is an addition to the memorable moments which will be remembered later.

My nephew was born an attention seeker. You would be surprised by the tactics this little naughty fellow used to make sure everyone attended to him and talked to him. When he was just a newborn and I would talk to him while playing with him, he would laugh and smile even though he didn't understand what I was saying. The moment he would see that people are busy in their own work and no one is talking to him, changing his panties, offering him milk or fanning him, he would start crying and that cry would be an alarm to remind us that we have a man here who needs us to talk to him! :D It was immense fun, trying different tactics with the little boy and giving him attention. :)

Apart from giving them your whole attention, what makes a baby happy? Here is what I know out of experience ;)
  • Food. Food. Food: 'Milk on time is to babies' what 'salary on time' is to us adults! Kids are the most impatient beings on planet earth! They cannot stay away from milk even for a short while. When they are hungry, they WANT milk no matter what! Once they get their milk on time, they are happy :)
  • Swings: Every baby sleeps deep in a swing/cradle. They always want someone swaying them and making them feel like they are in heaven! ;)
  • Toys: Yes, toys of every colour and kind make babies happy! the chances are they will break the whole lot in a day( my nephew does) but turns out their 'smashing the toys' is just an act of entertainment and pure joy. The expression of satisfaction on my nephew's face, when he destroys things, is anything but sad. He always kicks and breaks things with a smile on his face!
  • Little Outings: Take them to parks or on a long drive in a car and they will love you forever! ;) My nephew loves travel as much as he loves food. When I take him to a park, he is the happiest little man on Earth. Joining other kids of his age and playing with them brings him immense joy.
  • Dry Diapers: Pampers is one of the best gifts by technology! If you have got the privilege to raise a child too, you will agree with me. Sometimes I feel like hunting out that man/woman who invented the concept of diapers and give them a bear hug... seriously, THANK YOU! Dry diapers make a baby happy. My sister has used diapers from many brands and Pampers were by far the best. While other diapers used to get easily wet and infect my nephew's skin, Pampers have always kept him dry and happy!
  • Chocolates: Now, this doesn't need an explanation! :P
There are a million other things which make a baby happy. Do you have anything to add to the list? Let me know!

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