Wildlife Photography ~ Squirrel


It seems I am more interested in photography than blogging these days :P Trying my best to get back on track and blog something constructive!

Meanwhile here's a sneak peak into what I was up to a few days back. I have got kinda addicted to my new camera, simply love it! 
This striped beauty was sneaking on a tree right in front of my house. This is the first time I am seeing a squirrel from such a close distance :)
 It suspected something nasty and tried hiding as vigourously clicked it. Shy squirrel! ;)
Sometimes, just staring at these beautiful creatures busts out stress. We all need to appreciate the world around us more! :)

Okay, this was the first ever creature I captured with my new cam so it's kinda special to me :P Lemme know your thoughts! ;)


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