8 annoying things Indians who have best friends from the opposite sex have to put up to.


Friendship ~ it's one relationship which can survive the test of time and remain unconditional and pure, no matter what. Sadly, Bollywood has for years misleaded us Indians and thanks to the society which surrounds us, having best friends from the opposite sex is unwelcome and raises eyebrows even in this 21st century.

Below are some ridiculous questions and judgements which narrow-minded people pass on best friends who are from the opposite sex. I have included my reactions just below the statements.

1. "Are you sure you two are just friends?"
Are you sure you want to live?
21 Things That Terrify Every Desi Twentysomething

2. "Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi hosakte" 
Stop watching too much of Bollywood shit. STOP it.
21 Questions That Will Annoy Every Twentysomething Muslim Girl

3. "You two will make a great couple"
My slap and your cheek. That's what will make a great couple.
21 Things That Terrify Every Desi Twentysomething

4. "Don't lie to yourself. You love her/him."
Okay. Where is my Pizzaaaaa... Enough of this shit!22 Signs Uday Chopra Is Scoring The Best Hash In India

5. "Best friends make the best life partners. You should think about it."
Really. Like REALLY!!!
idk animated GIF

6. "Duniya kya kahegi?"
Aye Poda!
Times Of India Chose To Celebrate Women's Day By Publishing This Reeeally Sexist Joke

7. Do your parents know about him?
 Do you know I own a gun?

8. "Aww! You two will have cute kids!"
 Okay. I am done with you.
P.S: I totally enjoyed creating this post :D More like these coming up!
Keep smiling,

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  1. I loved reading this one Bushra :D

  2. Hahaha! Loved it Bushra!! So freaking apt!! :-p

  3. I feel you have to always walk with a gun...all kind of stupid people with their useless questions are always there. :P It would be awesome if we could kill these people like zombies. ;-)

    1. Haha. True that. People are quick to pass judgements. :)

  4. Spot on.
    That's a great compilation.

    But, I wish I had a chance to know. No Best Friend of opposite sex.
    *Sobs* No best friend either *Sobs even more*. :P

  5. Ha ha :D This is a brilliant compilation Bushra :)

  6. Oh Bushra you are amazing.. I will take this as great humour..

  7. Ha Ha Bushra, such a hilarious post.

  8. Ha ha. :) Superbly created. Enjoyed and laughed a lot reading this post.

  9. Hahaha superbly! Loved it Bushra!! Enjoyed to read......

  10. I liked the title and image synchronization! pain staking job thou, but well complied and spot on !!

  11. Hahaha even my frns told me the same about Gaurav :D

  12. lol this post is a cracker.. love it Bushra :)

  13. Enjoyed reading it Bushra..! Lovely post.

  14. hahahha .....naiiiiiice! Satyavachan! :D
    You totally nailed this one Bushra. ;)

  15. I love this post. Crisp with a blend of humour!

  16. Bushra I just died laughing :D :D :D Hilarious !! Totally loved it !


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