Asus Zenfone 5 and My Sister's Wedding


They say the best things in life come unexpected, something similar happened in my case! If you have been following my Instagram profile you will know that I was tied up last month with my Sister's wedding. 

If you are an Indian, you will know what drama goes behind an Indian wedding and how you are a tired wreck at the end of it all. But that end is the end of very memorable and sweet memories! :)

Thanks to this Zenfone 5 who decided to knock my door and be a wedding guest himself, I had the best time of my life throughout the wedding!

Now how's that you ask? Well, imagine there are just two days left for the function at your sister's wedding to start, being a blogger by profession, you are not missing a single opportunity to click everything pretty in sight and BOOM your phone falls and shatters.. both itself and your dreams!
That's my Bro's new Bullet in this pic ;)
If you are a regular shopper from Flipkart too, you will know that gone are the days where you could expect them to ship everything is just a day without having to pay extra pennies. The worse, the phones you want to own are either "first come first serve" basis where you have to undergo a rat race on a given date or simply come with loooong months of waiting lists! :/

I was shattered. I love my gadgets and giving up on me while I need them the most is the least I expect from them! I had signed up for a reviewing opportunity just a couple of days before and as fate had it, just before I was about to drown in the depth of misery, the charming Zenfone 5 arrived knocking at my doorstep! :D

"Hey beautiful! Why are you upset? A more handsome option is here! ;) " The Zenfone winked at me!

"Omg! your HOT and so gorgeous on the outside! Lemme explore you" I said, instantly lightening up my mood, wiping the tears are reaching to unpack the parcel eagerly.

HAIL! HAIL! It was a breath-taking beauty coupled with smart features.
 I didn't waste a minute to shift my sim and SD card from my old phone to this new charming beauty! I explored all of its amazing inbuilt apps.

I scribbled some Mehendi designs of the supernote app of this phone before my Sister's Mehendi night. This made the job so much easier! It had been a long while since I had applied the henna design on anyone's hand so I was out of practice. The Supernote app helped me practice before I could finally apply the design on the bride's hands (yes I apply Mehendi too *winks*)

The phone was a total blessing as it was backed with the best of phone cameras I have ever tried(and trust me I have used everything from Samsung notes to N97 minis!)
The entire wedding function went out quite smoothly and guess what?? Some of my relatives were burning with jealousy after seeing this handsome dude in my hands! *lol* Especially when I would click pics from my phone and show the pictures to whoever wanted to have a look at them, I could notice few folks lusting at my phone and a few of my cousins actually asked me this: "Hey are these pics taken from DSLR?" When I told them I took them from #MyAsusZenFone .. they had a hard time believing it! :)

More love for this phone and detailed review coming up in next posts. Until then, if you are considering buying an awesome smartphone under a budget of  10K (yes only 10 damn K!!) Zenfone 5 is a LOVELY option! :)

Be smart while choosing your gadgets,

P.S: All pictures are taken from my cute P600 :)

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  1. Oh my god i am lovin the piccies :)

    1. You'll love the phone too :) Thanks yaar!

  2. Lovely pictures, I am so loving this phone too ;)

  3. same here
    me loving this phone too

  4. The team at this place obviously loves what they do, as they were beaming the whole time, danced with us till the end of the party, and briefly joined the after party after dropping off our belongings at the hotel! We had a blast at location for vows and all our guests did as well.

  5. You have made a 10k phone into a DSLR!
    Nice work girl!
    Though I didn't like the phone battery but loved your review ;)


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