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If it's a special occasion, all of us take that little effort to dress up royally and look dashing. Be it a wedding, a date night or an important meeting/interview, we try to look our best.

What about a casual day? Well, I believe that every day is a special day. Every morning is a new beginning, a wonderful beginning of an exciting life which has tons of surprises to offer.

While I do know that one can't wear that Raymond blazer suit or that sizzling sherwani every day, I believe that that little effort of dressing yourself up should be taken every day.

Thanks to casual fashion, the concept of dressing well every day is not new to all of us. What's your idea of casual fashion? Is it a simple yet classy polo shirt, a nice fit comfy blue jeans or simply a sweatshirt?

Casual fashion in my view is something comfy yet classy and sexy at the same time! 

Here are some examples of casual fashion I have compiled. These will help you get a better idea and also give you some inspiration on how to dress up casual/ semi-casual every day.

Dressing casual for work:
Unless it's a real important meeting, a job interview, an office party or something in those lines, it's not necessary to dress over the top, on the contrary, it'll make you the odd one out. Everyday fashion should be something simple, comfy yet classy. It's something which represents your personality, your own self.

Below are some clothes for casual dress up and Friday fashion inspiration:

Fashion by AskmeBazaar
On a Weekend:
Weekends are all about lazing around, going to the movies and hanging out with friends. That's when a pair of comfortable jeans always comes handy. Going by the present low waist trend, the below fashion is perfect for weekends. Also, the 'Tshirt inside a shirt' look is raging hot too!
Fashion by AskmeBazaar
A muffler and a pair of sunglasses are some accessories which can instantly transform your otherwise dim casual look into a classy and fashionable one, hence, it'll do good to keep them handy!

The best way to look suave wearing casual clothing is choosing the right fit. Even if it's the simplest of Ts and the fit is good, it can do wonders to make you look handsome and glorious! Even one size small can ruin the outfit as it won't be comfortable for you and well, comfort is the prime demand from casual clothing!

Always stay awesome in and out!

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