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I have done a dressing semi casual wear post for men recently (Check here) and this one's for women. We don't like to be left behind now, do we?! :)
Okay, to start with, women need to take extra care to dress right as when it comes to their fashion, the choice is simply endless. In the case of men, you wear a shirt and pant it becomes casual, put on a blazer, it become semi-casual and add a tie to the same outfit - it becomes formal wear!

On the other hand, dressing up is not that easy with women! Dressing up right for us takes all the time and money in the world! :)

Semi-casual wear is something you can wear on both a casual outing or office. I have tried to depict the same in the images. The first look is for those who are more inclined towards the glamour industry or for those who like to be fashion forward.

Skater Dresses:
Skater dresses have that semi-casual aura about them. They are perfect for a day when you want to look irresistibly pretty yet formal and crisp. They come in millions of designs and you should choose what you want depending on the occasion.
For example, if it's a business party, you can choose the first pink lace skater dress. The second coral and off-shoulder one is more appropriate for a date night or for partying with friends. The third, classier skater dress in the pic is for a more toned down, serious office look. Skater dresses are not only comfortable but simply chic and regal at the same time. Hence, they are the first one to reach out when it comes to semi casual wear.
The above pic is the perfect description of semi casual wear. Pair it with a trendy ear cuff like I have shown above and you will surely rock it!

*Shoes: Pick comfortable ones. It's very important to be shoe-smart! If you love high heels like me too, but are afraid of them giving you a leg pain, go for platform heels as depicted in the above picture. They are not only comfortable but chic and glorious at the same time!
*Bag: A sling is your best friend if you are opting for semi casual wear. The above one is from Lous Vuitton.
*Shades: Wear them only if you need them. You don't want to look like a fool wearing them at night when there's no sunlight!
*Hair: A high pony is the best option for semi casual wear dress up. If you are more comfortable with open hair, then letting those locks loose is always the best option! :)

Dress smart, dress gorgeous!

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