Five Sweet Ways To Say Sorry


We all make mistakes which in turn end up hurting people around us. Sometimes we do it intentionally and other times, it's just a misunderstanding. Either time, a human always feels guilty after hurting another being. That heavy heart is always there which regrets hurting someone.

Luckily, we have a word called 'sorry' which backs us up and makes it easier for us to convey to that person whom we have hurt that we seek forgiveness.

However, I feel these days this word is misused a lot. People say it when they don't even mean it and that kinda spoils the situation more.

These days, most people say the word "Sorry" like it's some kind of halwa. Like seriously! Jab chaho chabalo types!

No. This way of using the word is really wrong. Say it when you really mean it. Say it from the bottom of your heart, when you do so, the other person will surely feel it and forgive you instantly.

Thanks to the extensive misuse of this word, today, hardly anyone accepts it from people who have hurt them. The point is, if you are sorry, then you need to do more than just saying the word 'sorry' to show your loved one you mean it.

Here are five sweet ways of saying sorry which will melt hearts and win them back!

1. Use Food:
Food has its very own quality of lightening faces up. If the dish is something mouth watering then the chances are, it's going to be a memorable apology! Customise it. Engrave the words "I am sorry" with cream on a cake or a pudding and see his/her heart melt at that sight!

2. Screen Saver:
If you have the privilege of getting close to the gadgets of the people you want to apologise to, upload  a screen saver with a "Sorry" message when they are not watching. This will come as a surprise to them and trust me! If it's a woman then she'll want to hug you then and there. *winks* You can also do this on their phones. Simply download an apology wallpaper and upload it.

3. Go on Record:
You can simply record your apology on your phone and play it when that person is around or better still, play a sorry music track.  'Chalo jaane do, ab chodo bhi' from the film Bhoothnath, ' jaane bhi de' from Heyy babyy, 'Aji rooth kar kahan jayiga' from Aarzoo are some option you can try.

4. Gifts:
No matter what, gifts always come to one's rescue! Gift her/him something he/she likes with a sweet "I am sorry" greeting card. Even if your gift is not that appealing the person will surely forgive you as this is a very sweet gesture.

5. Sorry Kaan Pakadke:
My personal fav! If nothing works, this will DEFINITELY work! Hold your ears with both your hands, make the cutest face ever, Twist your lower lip a bit to give you that kiddish look, now say loud "Sorry Kaan Pakadke!" :D *Awws* This one is totally irresistible! ;) #PersonalExperience

Have you tried any other way with your loved ones? Do share! :)

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  1. Sorry Kaan Pakadke is my fav too :D

  2. Yup the 1st and 4th will do for me... ;-) :-)

  3. Very imaginative, Ragini.

    If these are the ways someone is going to say sorry to me, then I would like them to make mistakes again and again.......and again. :)

  4. Sorry, Bushra, I got your name wrong! :(
    Well, sorreeee!

    1. A 'simple sorry' in a post of 'Sweet ways of saying Sorry'. You should have used some gifts, a cake, a sreensaver, to say sorry to her..perhaps!

  5. hahaha, loved sorry kaan pakadke... too cute :-)

  6. No body has said sorry to me in any of these ways. Have you got such a pleasure?


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