Going Bike Shopping with the Zenfone 5


Bro's new bike ^_^
If you are following me on Instagram, you will remember that I posted a pic of the glorious beauty of a Royal Enfielder which my Brother bought. That picture was taken from #MyAsusZenfone 5. This post is all about my exciting bike shopping experience with my brother captured for you to look through the lens of Zenfone 5.

My brother is two years younger to me and his desire to own a bike was born when he himself was born. Lol.

He's so passionate about bikes and cars that staying in his company for say just an hour can make you a bike/car addict! :D So you can imagine how excited we all were when he was about to own his first bike. ;)

The choices were endless and the journey started with looking for the best models online, taking out numbers of bike showrooms in Bangalore, calling them, fixing a visit time and what not.
So much choice everywhere! This was at the Yamaha Showroom
I had tweeted "which bike to buy?" on my previous Twitter account (@TwitHolicMe), to which I go a great plethora of suggestions from humble and helpful friends :) It was then that one of my friends suggested Royal Enfield.

Well, it so happened that we ended on a Yamaha showroom and booked one green-blue hot Yamaha FZ. (Gave an advance booking amount too).
The green-blue Yamaha FZ next to the red one was what my Bro had settled for
Guess what happened then? :P My brother is just like me, Lol, he came home after booking the bike and then he was like "Hey! I think I made the wrong choice. I want to own a Bullet :/"

After seeing his latka huwa face, we decided that this time, we'll helped him follow his heart and that's how destiny brought us to a Royal Enfield showroom! :P
At the Royal Enfield Showroom
What happened about the advance booking you ask? We didn't go back there, forgot the advance amount( Thankfully it was just a sum of 500 bucks!), they kept calling us for a week and then knew we won't return. Lol.
Royal Enfield takes a three month advance booking hence it was a long wait for my brother but must say, the wait was totally worth it! :D
That handsome dude in the pic is my Bro ;)
They had displayed the bike on a Red carpet (I loved this unique thought!) when we went to receive it after 2.5 months of advanced booking.
Capturing the details!
That's how, my Brother finally bought himself a bike which all of us loved! :)

The Zenfone 5 has managed to capture the entire shopping journey beautifully. Here's a short yet crisp review for it!
The Plus Points:
*Spectacular camera with hundreds of features to explore.
*Cute designing
*Light weight
*Unique apps like the Supernote which are super awesome!
*Charges very fast
*Interesting features like the 'Glove mode', 'reading mode' etc which are not available in other smartphones!

Read my previous two posts here and here to know all the goodies of the Zenfone 5!

The minus points:
Screen Buttons back light problem: This is one drawback which was a little annoying. The backlights of the touch buttons on the Zenfone 5 don't light up when you touch the home screen button. This is is irritating during night time when the buttons are not visible as it becomes difficult to operate the phone in the dark.

If you are not stressing too much on it then no problem but once you have backed it up with a good load of apps and data.. the battery's performance tracks down a bit. The battery charges fast and dies fast too.

If not for these two minor issues, the Zenfone 5 is the perfect phone with 'premium features on budget' for you!! The pricing is very decent and it's definitely worth owning for its camera. I SO loved it!!

BTW: Look what I spotted in the Yamaha Showroom *massive hearts* Will own one soon InshaAllah! :D

Stay happy, stay awesome,

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  1. Brilliant! Bullet is the perfect choice, there are so many variations. Esp the one with the matt finish is a brilliant touch! :)

  2. Wow Bush the pics came out brilliant. U r such a nice sista <3

  3. Hmm! The bullet hits straight in to the heart of a biker. Nice post Bushra.

  4. My brother has recently acquired this and takes care of it better than ANYTHInG ... Even himself ! Nic post Bushra :)

  5. Congratulations to your bro for the bike, beautiful pictures. Nice review of Zenfone!
    Hope you get to fulfill your wish soon :)

  6. The brand that I ride :) Good choice! I have a Royal Enfield Desert Storm :)

  7. Wow! nice post! Great pictures!

  8. Smartphones lead to smartshopping :p

  9. Nice blog mam! Becoming a fan of your Blogs :)


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