How to Dress up for a Job Interview – For Men


How to Dress up for a Job Interview
Most of you struggle to get the right match of clothes for a job interview, even knowing that it calls for a professional wear, but common mistakes are always made while dressing up. Dressing up for a job interview calls for the sophisticated nature even if it’s a creative field job. There are some things to keep in mind before the dressing part and some things to know in choosing your clothes for a job interview.

Follow these tips to make it easier in knowing the right wear for the right interview.
  • Make sure you know the work-place environment and the type of job you will be interviewing.
  • Business wear, Business casual wear and casual wear are three different sections to know before deciding what to pair up for the interview.
  • Know the season or time of the Interview. You don’t want to dress up in Black in hot summers.
  • Keep your clothes well clean and ironed properly
  • Do not wear disturbing jewelry or perfume
  • Do not try to get too creative and experiment, keep it simple and clean.
What to wear to a Job Interview – Men’s Wear
How to Dress up for a Job Interview
Formal Business Wear for job Interview

The environment matters a lot, the professional work place will guide for choosing formal clothes for the interview. Your need will be a coat suit or a well formal shirt in full sleeves as the main dress up requirement.
  • Coat suit for men need to be in dark colour specifically choose a black or grey suit. A simple two buttoned or three buttoned coat suit will work just fine. Just don’t forget the season, you may opt for double-breasted coat suit if it’s a chilly weather. 
  • Shirt should be in cotton as it’s preferable as per cool or hot weather and gives a clean look. Dress the shirt buttoned down properly from the top collar button. Choose a full sleeve shirt in white or blue, and you may also opt for smaller stripe pattern shirt. Brands like Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Blackberrys has the best collection. 
  • Do wear a tie and this should match your shirt and coat suit. Keep it simple as possible, go with single colour and normal patterns instead of funky and printed ones. This rule of tie applies to all categories of work industry.
  • Shoes should definitely be leather in a dark shade of brown or black and match your socks with your trousers.
Business Casual Wear for job Interview
This wear has got flexibility to looking classy and casual with the basic business wear by adding comfortable cotton trousers and leaving out the coat suit in this. The work environment is professionally casual which may need classy personality reflected from your clothing style. 
  • Choosing your trousers shouldn't be a problem, keep the simple cotton pants in black, navy or khaki pants as an option to match up with your shirt. 
  • Shirt for men need to be in full sleeves and again choose a blue colour or light tones of grey, cream for the natural look. Pattern shirts are also great in stripes. Don’t go for polka or any other pattern and print.
  • Dress a buttoned down shirt with a tie in a simple pattern like I mentioned in the formal business wear guide. And pull on a sweater or a cardigan as per the season.
  • Now for the extras, you may carry a formal Business Blazer that matches the look. Nowadays this trend has caught much attention, here’s a collection to refer at of Men’s Blazers. The blazers needs to be picked up very carefully with a basic cut or 2 pocket blazer in black. A two buttoned blazer or one buttoned blazer will work fine.
  •  Shoes again will be in leather in black or brown and well-matched socks with your trousers.
How to Dress up for a Job Interview
Casual Wear for job Interview
This kind of dressing for an interview is rarely required even if the place has a casual environment unless the job profile suits this. Remember for an interview it’s better to always dress over than under. The Suits and Blazers can be avoided in this kind of interviews.
  • Khaki pants are a good way of making the casual look meet for a job interview. Just choose something that is not too much in fitting.
  • Short sleeve shirt for men with plain, stripe or checks in pastels and white or blues are always perfect. Dress the shirt buttoned down, tucked in and a belt in solid hue of black or brown whichever suits.
  • You may opt for a tie or go without one depending on your personal choice but still keep the tie professional, here’s a place where you can get best ties informal category.
  • You may opt for other types of shoes than leather like suede if that suits the work place environment. And, of course, your socks should match your pants.
  • An interesting way to add more class is wearing a waistcoat over this, a v-neck waistcoat or vest in black, dark brown or blue in classic style.
Extra Tips
  • You may wear reading eyeglasses or neutral spectacles to get a decent look, not only will it make an impression but it will also protect your eyes during work at work.
  • Put on a polite face and a confident one, bring out your polite nature to increase your chances of getting the job.
  • Carry a Briefcase or a portfolio even if it is not required, it will make you look organized and your work will be systematic.
For some more outfit inspiration and a more casual look, check out my recent post.

Guest article by Aarti Patel
Images by Stilettomaniac 

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