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If you are on Twitter, you would have heard the term AAPtard. Well, calm down, coz that's not what we'll be discussing here! What we are actually discussing here are awesome APPtards like yours truly!! *winks*

I use a MotoG 2Gen cell phone (which is the best phone I have ever used.. and trust me! I have used many other high priced ones!!) which works like a breeze combined with my Airtel sim.

I am an Airtel user since a long time and I must say that I am quite happy with their service. There has never been a problem like the users of other networks complain about.

When I learnt that Airtel has launched their app, I was elated and very excited to try it out. I may be fashion and humour blogger but when it comes to gadgets I am techie too who loves interesting apps and of course.. a hardcore android lover!

These days you can see that almost EVERY brand out there is coming up with new ideas to engage their customers. Launching their own apps, tops the list! it's a very smart thing to do because people are more engaged with their smartphones these days and apps are what will interest them.

You might have heard the news that's buzzing about the whole internet like hot fire! Myntra.com, a bigshot shopping giant is going App only. This is the first time such a big e-commerce website is taking this step. When I heard this, at first I was a bit disappointed as I love shopping at Myntra and shopping through a mobile app is really not my thing. I like big screens and clearer views when it comes to dating my favourite hobby ~ Shopping! ;) But then, this thought crossed me that if they are going app only, they will for sure come up with some more striking technology and coming from Myntra, I'll surely love it!!

Besides, I have got acquainted to all these apps on my cell phone to an extent where I can't imagine my life without them! They make life so much simpler, especially when I am travelling or just don't have the energy (read: lazy bum) to open up my hottie Dell.

The Airtel app is quite a blessing which brings numerous features in a single app and makes it very user-friendly and engaging to use!

The three features which I found were most engaging and effective are:

1. The 'shake for offer' feature: If you have the Snapdeal.com app, you will know that they have this unique shake feature which shows you new offers and deals when you shake your phone. I LOVE such unique features. The Airtel app has a similar 'shake' feature which gives you exclusive offers on your specific Airtel number when you shake your phone! Pretty cool eh?!!

2. Payments made easy: I am a Prepaid customer and the only thing which has kept me from shifting to postpaid is the tiring billing procedure. I am not found of complicated billing procedures and thanks to the all new Airtel app, this won't be a problem anymore! All one has to do is login inside the app and make the monthly DTH payment within a few minutes!

3. Airtel Surprise Coupons: Whenever you recharge via the Airtel app, they give you surprise coupons. Now tell me!!! How can a bargain queen like me not LOVE this feature!! :D Free coupons/cashback and any other stuff which lets me save a little of my hard earned money makes me jump in joy!!

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