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Precious jewelry is never out of fashion. No matter how big an artificial jewelry junkie you are, you will always find yourself reaching out to those little pieces of precious jewelry when it comes to special occasions like a dinner date, a wedding or simply a day out with loved ones.

There's something about precious jewels that artificial jewelry can never beat. I myself am a big artificial jewelry lover, but the majority of the times, I find solace in the precious jewelry I own.

Today, there is a plethora of choice when it comes to precious jewelry. The options are so many that it becomes hard to decide what to choose and what not to.

Beautiful designing coupled with a good quality of gold/platinum is my personal favorite. Owning a bland design of jewelry which you will probably never feel like wearing is so pointless!

Hence, I am always in the lookout for precious jewelry brands/stores who offer unique designs which are classy and simply elegant and make you wanna always wear them.
Candere is one such amazing brand I happened to come across recently and let me tell you, I have fallen in love with their jewelry collection! Their intricate diamond cuts, beautiful gold designs, and the limitless options have got me glued to their online website.

Gone are the days when people used to fear buying things online. Today, there's an online store for everything in this world! I am an online shopping junkie and would prefer sitting and shopping from the warm comfort of my bed any day over standing in long billing queues at malls.
Why I would prefer shopping for precious jewelry online from Candere:

1. All the jewelry by Candere are Government certificated hence there's no issue of quality of gold/diamond. There's no way I can be cheated.
2.There's a plethora of choice. I have visited many jewelry stores and have always found only limited designs for what I want to buy. But online, there's limitless choice and collection as is the case with Candere.
3. Candere offers lifetime exchange and 30 day return policy hence I don't have to worry if I don't like the design when it arrives at my doorstep.
4. Candere offers insured free shipping on all products and the USP of the product is its bespoke international designs.
5. Available on EMI

Hence, I feel online jewelry shopping is simply cool and more productive with a plethora of choice especially when it comes to a brand like Candere!

Candere has options for everything from necklaces, diamond rings, bangles, mangalsutras, pendants, earrings, chains and nose pins. That's not all, they have jewelry for Men too. Men's jewelry range from bands, rings, bracelets and other precious gemstones.

What I loved the most about Candere was the unique deigning. Every piece of jewelry looks like an intricate carving of art packed with elegance, class and superior quality.

I totally recommend to all of you. Go ahead and check it out right now!

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  1. Wow the jewelries look classic!

  2. The jewellery looks tempting...someone sponsor me!

  3. I am always looking for new trends. According to me latest jewelry trend is smaller necklace and colored stone jewelry and Celtic jewelery.

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  4. I love their designs and their customer friendly policies. Love your collection, specially the bracelet.

  5. Pretty nice collection of Candere jewels

  6. Well the collection are unique and very adorable


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