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I don't believe in celebrating mothers day ~ Yes, you read it right!

I beleive that  we don't need a day to respect and honour our mothers. They should be respected, honoured and loved every day... every hour.. every second!!

Mom ~ A person or to put it in more suitable words.. an angel.. a blessing.. a saviour, is the best gift to mankind. She is that being because of which the world was created.

Her love.. her care.. her emotions.. can NEVER be matched or paid back!

My Mom is my world and just the thought of going without her for even a day makes me shudder.

It was dark.. I woke up in the middle of night. The darkness and silence of the night scared me. I found myself alone and started screaing and crying. She woke up from her sleep.. came running to me and hugged me tight. "Why do you cry angel? I am right here!" she said and kissed my cheek. Then she sung me a lullaby and made me sleep peacefully..

That day I knew I was not alone. I always had my Mom by my side.

She was my first teacher.. My first mentor. 
She protected me from the world.
She beleived in me like none other.
She loved me like there was no tomorrow.
She loves me and I know she will always no matter what!

Being her youngest girl child, I enjoyed a little extra priviliges from my mother. She always spoilt me with her little treats but she taught me to never cross lines. Even if I did, she would give me a hearing, but always forgive me bythe end of the day.

My Mom taught me to paint, to read and write even before any teacher in my school could do so. I was a tough child with the stubborness and toughness of a rock but Mom knew the perfect words and ways that would melt me and mould me into a better human being everyday.

Today, whatever I am, I owe it to her confidence, her encouragement and her unconditional love. Everytime I find my world turning upside down, I hug my Mom tight and my worries melt away.

Every morning I wake up, I am happy and thank the heavens that I am blessed with such an amazing Mom. When my Mom smiles at something she likes which I have done for her, I promise myself to work on always gluing that smile on her face.

On mother's day I was wondering what to gift her. I checked everything online from bags, kitchen appliances to apparel.. than I suddenly realised that this was not what my Mom wanted. So I went to her and gave her a surprise hug. She was happy and loved the gesture. :)

That was #MyFirstExpertStory with my Mom, what is yours? Do let me know! :) Also check out the all new Godrej Expert hair color. My Mom loves it!

Loads of cheers to Motherhood!

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