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They say 'follow your heart' ~ Well, that's not the case this time!

We have grown up to the whole world around us sending messages to us in one or the other way to follow our hearts and listen to what they have to say. While some pay heed to the same, some don't. Have you ever thought about those situations where following your heart is not really a good idea? Brains.. that's what you have to excel in!

It's the IPL season and cricket is ruling hearts everywhere! If you look up at the image I have included above of Sir Kapil Dev, you can see that his posture and body language itself speaks volumes of what all this is about!

The #EkNayiLeague by Kapil is the most talked about thing right now and it's no surprise that it's already winning hearts all over the globe.

If you have watched the exclusive videos, you will know that playing your heart here will only make you lose. It's an exclusive league where your intellect will win you wonders!

For now, everything is a hush-hush and all we know is that something involving Bollywood celebrities and cricketers is happening. The buzz is that celebrities from Bollywood are going to set the stage for something like never before.

This pops a question in my head. WHAT could this new league be all about?

Here are my hunches>>

*It could be a fantasy league
*It could be a Quiz show
*It could be a women's league (Like IPL for women)
*It could be a reality show where celebrities and cricketers gather for something other than cricket.

It could be a fusion of money and cricket because the mind is involved. Now this sounds simply exciting!

For those who are alien to #EkNayiLeague, it's the Hindi form of the words One New league. So now, all of you know that this IPL is going to get much more exciting with whatever Kapil has planned up!

I watched three very interesting videos by Kapil Dev concerning this and here's what I could decipher:

*In the first video Kapil gives the basic introduction to this whole concept of #EkNayiLeague starting with an explanation of what 'hit wicket means'. According to him, those who followed their heart in this #EkNayiLeague would be as if it was a hit wicket. I kinda liked this unique comparison he gave.
The following videos are a little more elaborative but still keep you guessing and scratching your head thinking what this could really be about.

Whatever it is, I am sure it's going to be a big affair and something very interesting and unique like the IPL itself. My biggest hunch is that it's going to be something where Bollywood celebrities will be involved in the majority. I am totally excited about this and can't wait to know more.

Will keep you posted if I find any developments!

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