Meet My Current Favorite Phone ~ ASUS Zenfone2


If you too are a social media addict like me, you will perfectly understand my relationship with gadgets. They are something I truly love and can't imagine my world without.

My phone is like my personal assistant, a gadget I depend upon the most. That is the reason why I believe in making the best choice. 

I have used phones from a lot of brands to date and must say that nothing beats the Android software, not even an iPhone! 

So, the first thing I look for while buying myself a new phone is Android OS. There is a sea of choice for Android phones today and it's crucial that we make the right choice. 

 I like my gadgets smart and efficient. Especially my phone as that's what I use the most. Not all smartphones are smart. Some can even give you big headaches! (People who have gone through this will get my point :/) 

A few months back, I felt the need to get myself a new phone and the hunt for the best was on. There were so many suggestions from friends, family and of course.. Google! But something about every suggestion just didn't click and I kept myself from buying them. Until last month that is! :)

I am still a student and a part time, out-of-passion Blogger so obviously I was looking out for a pocket-friendly choice. Thanks to Twitter, I got to know about ASUS Zenfone 2's launch and I knew that's what I was looking for and went for it asap and now it's my Favorite phone! 

Three facts which instantly lured me into buying it:

1. Ergonomic Arc Design: 
For me it's all about Good looks. Good looks. Good looks! ;) It always feels great to own a sexy looking smartphone which has been designed beautifully. The ASUS Zenfone2 is quite attractive and simply irresistible with its luxurious ultra-thin ergonomic arc design. It's a phone which one will want to flaunt to the world! I am planning to give my phone a kala teeka from now on. Nazar na lag jaye! *winks* 

2. The amazing RAM:
You might have heard about the biggest buzz around the ASUS Zenfone2! It comes with the world's first ever 4GB RAM in a smartphone. 

3. The Pricing!:
Coming to the most important part, the pricing of the ASUS Zenfone2 is simply impressive! I wouldn't have been surprised if a phone with the features like this one would be priced as high as 30K but coming at just 12,999/- this phone is a super steal!

I am so glad this phone turned out to be more than what I had expected! One of bestest things about this phone is its camera. Simply perfect for Instagrammers, Wildlife photographers and selfie addicts like me! :D It's true to the line it is famed upon ~ It definitely helps me see what others can't see!

All this and so much more makes this phone top my list of favorite smartphones. I have used the ASUS Zenfone 5 and have had a wonderful experience with it. That's the reason I gathered confidence to go ahead and buy the ASUS Zenfone2 and my! Am I glad! :D 

You can read my detailed experience with the ASUS Zenfone 5 herehere and here

I am loving the ASUS Zenfone2 and hingly recommend it to all you wonderful people. It's one beauty with brains which should be on everyone's wishlist!

Do you have a current favourite phone too? Do share it! :)
Always make the right choices,

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  1. Quite awesome features that makes asus zenfone 2 more of today’s smartphone

  2. [ Smiles ] Wow, that is a lot of RAM for a smartphone.

    Great post, my friend.

  3. Quite an in-depth review dear... Loved your way of putting it across!
    I did attend the ASUS Zenfone 2 launch meet in Delhi recently conducted by Indiblogger and after that and reading your comprehensive take on the phone, I must confess, it looks damn promising! :)

  4. One of the great smartphones... I agree..

  5. Indeed an amazing phone, i also wrote about them a week back.

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  7. This Is Amazing Phone I Want To Buy This Phone


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